[VIDEO] Check out a Trump supporter unveiled “Ply” after watching several

When Kamala was a senator, she didn’t really stand out as an extraordinary person. He was very “basic” and when he questioned his “enemies” he became very stage-oriented and strangely angry.

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The orange presidential race was more significant, but not for the better.

It was one of the most floptacular performances of all time … Oddly enough, many people, including Barry Obama, had high hopes for Kamala, but it quickly became clear that she had no personality or charisma, and she was out of the race before it even started.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Which was weird. Why would you choose to be your VP, a complete and utterly lost person who has performed so poorly? Well, if you ask me, the main reason is that Joe’s handlers didn’t want any real competition. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Joe doesn’t stand a chance. But Orange is an insurance policy for “Orange” Joe. He is a complete and complete mess.

More news: If you zoom in on this Reuters photo of a so-called “regular Ukrainian citizen” you will be terrified.

But how bad is he actually?

Okay, she’s pretty bad, and we have more video evidence of that now.

A very clever Trump supporter and meme artist who goes through the handle “LabyrinthGoing back, he sees Kamala’s speech and reveals Kamala’s little “trick” of what he got.

He repeats the same “deep” phrase over and over again … this is the pure laziness of him and his speech writers.

Now, I know that many people who give a lot of speeches, such as when they are preaching, will use some part again, which is called “Stump Speech”, but Orange Stump is not giving a speech … so there is no need to use the same line again and again. , But that’s exactly what he does.

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It’s interesting to see.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Oh, he’s dumb like a stone box.”

“Out of embarrassment. And the nursery teacher vibe is just getting bigger and bigger.”

“He’s like a fool with a quote from the day calendar that never turned the page before January 1st.

“Someone wrote it down in his speech. He’s getting punctured. “

“That woman needs a new lecture writer.”

“I can see now what happened … I just watched without the pain of those last 1 minutes and 18 seconds of pain … although I never lament that those precious moments of my life will never come back …”

“A broken watch is fixed twice a day. It’s a completely different animal. “

“All that can be said, I have said it before being relieved! Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo “

“She is the best public speaker I’ve ever heard. Ha ha ha ”

“I understand what I just saw.”

“He heard someone say it once and never forgot.”

It reminds me of what Judge Jinain said about Kamala yesterday … he said he was lazy.

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And I think this amazing compilation clip supports that theory.

Thanks for doing it, maze. I’ll encourage you on your head His page And check his other works.

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