[VIDEO] Biden’s new plan is to attack President Trump in a really cool way

As some of you may know, I am a former PR and marketing pro, so when I evaluate politics, most of it comes from the “PR” lens.

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And I must say, I am absolutely amazed by this latest message from Tim Biden. It’s such a bad idea on so many levels, that I’m starting to think that there’s an ultra-maga sesame inside Biden’s admin that’s sabotaging their “bad idea.”

So, Tim Biden’s latest move is to bring President Trump back into the mix. They want him in the “ballot” in 2022.

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Why is that a silly idea? Okay, for several reasons, but the biggest would be “Virginia.”

They tried this tactic in Virginia, and Yankee won easily … and since Yankee’s race, Biden’s approvals have slipped further, and the country has become more agitated and annoyed at Biden’s incompetence and failed policy, so the chances of this “Trump in the ballot” last in Virginia. This time the plan is really worse than failing.

Also, ridiculing half the country and calling decent American voters “extremists” is not the best idea, especially after you promise to “unify” the country.

But all Biden has to do is call his best friend Hillary and ask her how the Basket of Deplorables worked for her.

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And speaking of mocking Maga … you have to get up very early and be really sharp to stop any real “hits” against MAGA. It’s a very powerful movement of dedicated patriots, religious warriors, meme artists, and really clever and intelligent internet influencers… I don’t think some confused, dustbin like Joe Biden can do the job.

The man who slaps Tapioca through the straw will not be the political assassin who “lowers” Maga, I promise you.

In fact, Joe has been helping the MAGA brand lately. We love “Ultra Maga” Monica, and at first we kicked ourselves for not thinking about it, so thank you for that.

We’re making hats and T-shirts as we talk.

And if that’s not enough, Joe is now giving President Trump a new and really great nickname.

The last one is The Maga King, and I tell you, it has a beautiful ring and people already like it. I think it will go a long way.

And Trump likes it. See what he really posted:


Again, how can we not think of this?


Here’s what people are saying online:

“The other day it was Ultramaga, now it’s The Great Maga King Biden trying to tell us how great the Maga is ??”

“Remember how Trump was famous for giving people really frustrating and brutal nicknames? It’s like the opposite. That nickname is Great Haha.”

“We’re having so much fun !!! Long live the king! ”

The only reason Trump is angry is because he didn’t think so at first. #MAGAking

“Sleepless Joe is really good for something now. He’s a really great name for us and for Trump. “

“I’m urging Joe to stop making Trump sound so quiet.”

“And suddenly, one billion T-shirts were born.”

“Biden is historically bad at insults. Tomorrow he’s going to be like “Trump, or should I call him, BADASS FU ** ER IN CHIEF, EMERITAN FRIENDS ??”

“Ultra-maga and great maga king! Thanks Joe! Very cold!”

It’s ridiculous to me … I watch it unfold, and I think to myself, in the age of memes and internet trolls, why would you let your “enemy” play with something like ‘The MAGA King’ in the name of all things sacred and in your face Throw?

Tim Biden is out of their league.

They don’t really understand how social media and memes work, which is a good thing for us because if they do they won’t use this messaging which is great for MAGA.

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I understand, they are trying to set fire to their base and again try to make them angry with Trump, because Biden does nothing for them, but it is backfiring.

Tim Biden is actually strengthening Trump’s base.

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