[VIDEO] Biden’s clip during Dam Primary doesn’t look like we’re the same guy

I’ve seen this video clip of Biden talking about his fossil fuel speech since the days of the promotion, mostly during the Dame Primary and some along with the 2020 campaign, and I knew I wanted you to watch it.

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So, it started that I’m going to share with you how Joe’s own words about fossil fuels prove why gas prices are rising. But then I saw the clip, and in the first few seconds I was so amazed at the way he was looking, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

So, now I’m switching it a bit, and talking about how Joe Biden literally looks like wax in that first clip during the Dame debate.

The shaky, wrinkled, confused man we see today is hardly recognizable to him.

What is the difference between the two years, isn’t it?

More news: James Woods shared the gruesome photo and asked how would you survive another 3 years of Biden?

In this first clip, pay attention to how tight Joe’s lower face looks and how his cheeks are turned upside down.

Now, I’m not one of those people who thinks “real beaden” is dead or something like that. I was shocked to see just how much the opposite pole looks today, just a few years ago. From these tight, taut, wrinkle-free mouths and stiff bone structures:


I mean seriously, what the heck?

If you ask me, he did a lot of “work” that was worn out … but holy cow, that’s a wonderful change, isn’t it?

Okay, I got it from my chest বাদ thank you for allowing me to chat like this আমি I was shocked at what I saw.

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Now, more importantly, please pay attention to Joe’s plan to embellish radical fossil fuels and tank American power; A plan he has repeatedly broadcast.

What we are working on now is through design.


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Let’s face it, Joe may not look like the same person, but he certainly sounds like the same radical guy – he’s probably more radical than he was then.

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