[VIDEO] Biden told a lie about his “friendship” with McCain, but it was

Well, Joe Biden is lying again … what’s new, isn’t it?

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This time it happened during his Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House and involved his so-called “friend” John McCain.

Here’s what ABC Tweet said: “I’ve never stopped praising people. I have never spoken negatively about him in my life because I knew his respect, his courage and his commitment. Press Biden has posthumously awarded the Republican Sen. John McCain the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It was a flat out lie.


It literally took a few minutes to debunk Joe’s latest lie … one of the fastest debunking tasks yet.

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GOP is a fast researcher Jack Parkinson It said: “This is a huge (and easily unproven) lie. Biden spent the second half of 2008 touring the country and said that McCain was an angry, out-of-touch fighter whose Machiavellian propaganda endangered people.





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Wow, that last one was particularly brutal … not a “Maverick” but just a “sidekick” isn’t it?


Of course, calling him an angry person traveling the “low road” isn’t exactly “friendly”.

If Joe thinks he’s “friendly,” I’ll hate what he says when he’s getting worse, right?

But we all know why Biden lied.

Biden called the hooper a mockery of President Trump, who called McCain a traitor.

Also, Biden is trying to present himself as if he is a great “unit” and someone who can bring both sides together.

Give me a break.

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John McCain was more of a Democrat than a Republican, but he was mostly a “cosmopolitan / warrior” like his good friend Joe.

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