[VIDEO] Biden sounds like an “unhinged old Hitler,” screaming about food

You know how bad things are under politicians when politicians are campaigning and they become really “fake emotional” and start shouting and screaming that they are running against another person?

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Do they behave as if they are really angry and upset and scream and do all the work? You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Well, what Joe Biden has done today about food shortages, the only problem is that food shortages are happening under him and his poor administration, so who is he crazy about?

As Joe Biden grew older and older, his non-radiant personality traits became stronger and more visible.

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What he used to hide is now on full display.

Like his mood – Joe always had a bad temper, he would tell stories about his mood even from a young age.

But when Joe had his intelligence about her, he could control his emotions.

Now that he has deep dementia in his knees, he can’t, and he has this horrible eruption that makes a lot of people feel really uncomfortable.

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Strange, isn’t it?

Here’s what people are saying online:

Anger is burning because of his old age. “

“His current president should be given a part of his mind.”

“Dames and progressive libs will not be serious about supply chain problems and inflation unless it causes cat food shortages.”

It seems that Hitler is giving a speech

“Incompetent Fool”

“81 Million Idiots Voted for … LOL”

“Biden is screaming insanely and very loudly because there is a food shortage under his watch, so he is blaming Ultra Maga and hoping that someone will be dumb enough to believe him.”

“This guy is a fool !!!”

“How real is that? In what world do we live?”

“Is anyone going to do this piece-by-piece piece-by-piece piece-by-piece piece-by-piece piece-by-piece piece-by-piece piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece-piece?”

“This work of the theater loses its effectiveness when you constantly shout about things but never do anything to solve the problems.”

“Biden angry at MAGA for food crisis under total Democrat government”

“WTF !! Long line happened and is happening under biden .. not Trump !!”

“Someone give this guy a bowl of pudding and let him in, please.”

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That one comment was spot on, Joe sounds like an uninterrupted, dementia-prone old Hitler.

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