[VIDEO] Biden says he will speak “easy” for “uninhabited” Americans who do not

Joe Biden was never known as a smart man.

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In fact, he has joked all his career.

But one thing he did successfully was make a lot of connections. He was a naughty, arrogant man who always said the wrong thing and embarrassed himself, but who knew a lot of people, and kept himself well connected and it served him well and actually took him to the White House as Obama’s VP.

But the reality is this … Joe Biden has never been a great thinker or a great man.

Believe me, there is a reason why Joe Biden seriously considers Crackhead Hunter to be “the smartest person he knows”. … Because both of them have been cut from the same smoky middle-intelligence cloth.

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And now seeing him, in his twilight years, as the light fades and fades every day, you can really see how mentally he has gone and indeed he has always been dumb. This is so obvious nowadays because he can no longer hide behind the fake “childhood stuttering” and so-called “gaffs” that the media and other politicians just laughed at as “loving”.

A dumb, powerful old man has nothing to do with love who is making people’s lives miserable and is very stupid, arrogant and has gone too far to find out.

And speaking of these 7-seconds … a really dumb man is really talking dumb.

Buck Sexton says this best in his tweet: “Sometimes you have to stop all the noise and chaos in the news cycle and remember that Joe Biden is not just a smart man.”


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And Biden’s argument for inflation and how his policies work is literally the most stupid thing you’ll hear.

You can watch the video below:

To give you an idea of ​​how arrogant and narcissistic Joe Biden is … this man has 33% approval in some polls, and obviously, the American people dislike him and his policies, and yet, he still stands there with his weak, concave chest. Has risen, refused to take any responsibility and called his policy “successful”.

How can you be deaf?

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When he does, he is basically calling the American people “stupid.”

Joe Biden thinks you’re not “focused” (smart enough) to understand what a dementia-prone Buffon is saying.


According to an ABC News / WAPO poll on 5/1, 68% of Americans are dissatisfied with its inflation management.

Biden says these people are not “focused” enough and he needs to explain it in a “simple” language.

Small problem: Biden can’t speak. He sounds like a man who should be in a nursing home, not a White House.

Bleeding idiot

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