[VIDEO] Biden says airlines will transport “3.7 bottles” of baby formula in one go

If you listen to this, and with all honesty, you don’t think this guy needs a cognitive test as soon as possible, there’s something wrong with you.

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I actually think you need a cognitive test if you don’t think there’s anything serious wrong with this guy after seeing this slur-fest statement.

Joe has good and bad days. I guess because of how much medicine he can pump into her at any given moment.

Sometimes we catch him when his tank is full, and he sounds semi-consistent.

Other times, like what happens in the video below, his tank is empty and he’s running in the smoke

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After ignoring the baby’s formula deficit for so long that it turned into a full-blown crisis, Biden is now trying to catch up, but he can’t do it without shuffling things.

With the announcement that United Airlines was transporting baby formula, he was ready to take on his big “victory lap”, but there were some issues.

The first problem is that Joe seems to have just woken up from having his wisdom teeth surgically removed.

The slurring in this video is really bad … one of the worst so far.

The next issue is that he broke his big announcement by claiming that United Airlines was making room for a 3.7 bottle baby formula in their cargo area.

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Good lord, already enough. Someone shakes this cut from the stage and gets him some help.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Great President LOL”

“3.7 bottles .. that’s definitely going to make a hole. Thank you Mr. President. Ha ha ha !!”

“She looks like she’s had a whole bottle of cough syrup.”

“If I had known he had gone so far, I would never have voted for him. It’s sad and disturbing to see.”

“3.7 bottles. It will feed a baby for half a day.”

“Transform into a fast airlifting formula like a third world country.”

“What about some oil for gasoline, gramps?”

“I try and avoid political talk and things, but I really feel uncomfortable with this man’s mental and physical health.”

“This guy has gone so far.”

“Operation failed successfully”

“When will this guy resign?”

“It’s progress, maybe next time we can get 4 full bottles.”

“I’m ashamed this guy is our president.”

“Thank you Mr. President. Trump only got 2.7 bottles for us. You’re doing well! Ha ha ha ha”

“Oh, listen to this guy. “She is OK.

Biden later corrected himself and said “4 million” bottles, but it was too late.

The damage is done.

The damage has been done for years.

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Joe Biden can do nothing to fix his whereabouts, and that is his biggest problem.

America does not want to be ruled by a person who looks and sounds like she should be in a nursing home.

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