[VIDEO] “Biden-Looklike” Internet Uber with Airport Uber, “What He Does

There are some videos that are being promoted online that have really confused many people.

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They look like Joe Biden on an Uber ride to the airport.

I hope I have more context to share with you – I’ve watched and hunted to find out what this video is about, but I’m not sure.

It’s spread out online, of course, so I’d like to share it with you and let you know what people are saying.

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I found this clip on Twitter:

Many are wondering if this is a fake, perhaps a “deep fake” video.

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So, I looked at other platforms, and I got this other video ticket.

This seems to be the same “day” at the airport:

@ Journalist White House

Does Biden still exist! ?? #Reporter #trump  #journalist #biden #tiktok_usa #usaf  #airport

♬ The real word – Rob

Here’s what people are saying online:

“It’s not him for sure!”

“I thought it might be double or whatever someone might call it … what on Sam Hill?”

“The place is very thick hair and no mess – it’s not Joe. What’s going on? “

“It’s very strange to me, what’s going on?”

“His double. There is no way to allow Potash to take a lift or a lift. “

“It simply came to our notice then. He has no choice but to throw a backpack and get involved. “

“Sometimes the world feels like a show, not real life.”

“JB is going home on a double weekend.”

“Does that explain at the time that he seemed more obvious than usual?”

“This guy is too smart to be Brandon.”

“She’s even sucking as a porter!”

“An error in the simulation”

“Joe Biden Ubering … Destination Gitmo …”

“Fake or real?”

“Should this be a deep fake video ???”

“Seeing her body doubled. He can’t be in two places at the same time. “

“So, they let a body double for the press. Just walk around “dressed” like this?

I’ll keep seeing if I can find it.

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And when I do, I’ll update this piece.

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