[VIDEO] Biden Handlers “sorry” no one is watching his speech, but this 2

So, I was going through TikTok today, looking for interesting things to share with you… That’s right, I’m going with Chinese spyware, so you don’t have to …

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Anyway, I got a clip that I really liked and thought you would enjoy. It’s not something you probably don’t already know, but it just shows that this problem, which I’ve been holding for ages now, is literally everywhere.

And am I referring to any problems?

Well, Joe’s brain, of course.

When the hoity-toity academia-type debates why Joe Biden “didn’t catch” and claims it’s just a “messaging problem”, I’m screaming in the air here, screaming, “It’s his broken brain, you’re stupid!”

More news: [VIDEO] On July 4, the party was asked who they liked, “Trump or Biden,” to which Boozy Perfection replied:

And that’s true. The main reason is that Joe Biden’s turnout is so low and Americans are so close that this guy has nothing to do with messaging.

It’s real Messenger (Joe) And the truth is that she looks and sounds like she should be in a nursing home.

It’s that simple.

Seriously, it really is.

Yes, of course, his policies and decisions are terrible, we’ve got them… but if Joe turns 180 and changes his position on everything, he’ll take a hit, but once he opens his mouth and is vague, stunned, and confused, the Americans roll their eyes. Will cry again.

You can’t put someone so weak and vulnerable mentally and physically in the Oval Office and hope the American people will be happy with that. I don’t care how much Dames and the media are trying to enlighten us. It won’t work.

So, when an article was published that revealed that Biden’s handlers were “sorry” because no one wanted to see his speech, most of us don’t understand why they were “sorry”.

Do They Want to sit around watching a confused grandfather talking and trying to walk around, trying to find his way out of the stage?

I know we’re not sure.

I just watch the clips, because that’s part of my job.

And that brings me to the TikTok video I found …

Here are two of them – the women in the video – who put it best

Especially what he said at the very end.

He nailed it.

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You can watch the video below:

@titusellissmith #duet with @voice_of_change youtube sub (link in bio) # conservative #titusellissmith #fyp #foryou #foryourpage ল Original word – Myriah Roden

Amin is whispering for that woman.

Where are the handlers who can pull Joe aside and tell him to stop whispering?

I’ll tell you why they don’t.

Joe has been working to whisper throughout his career and it worked in the 90s and 00s.

But the problem for Joe now is that his really horrible dealings with little girls and women have come to the surface, thanks to the internet, and now that whisper sounds really horrible and distorted.

But his team is out of the loop so much that they don’t realize it … either they tried to stop him and Joe won’t do it because it has been part of his “political stick” for so long.

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He’s like a big, dumb dinosaur, just random all over the place, completely unknown, when his handlers sit in the corner feeling sad.

What an administrator, isn’t it?


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