[VIDEO] Bad lighting and intense cackling make orange look and sound

Orange was the worst person Joe’s handlers could pick for VP.

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If the “Worst VP Peak” had been the Olympics, Orange would have won gold in every single division.

Her incompetence is actually magical.

You can’t just do this kind of fake stupidity and arrogance, and it’s only found in very select people… it’s like finding a black polar bear in Antarctica, or something else.

And while it’s amazing to see the stupidity and ugliness of oranges, it’s also quite scary, because this cackling gasbag could be our next “president” at any moment.

And did you see Kamala’s latest speech on “Cuckling Gasbag”?

If not, you miss out on a real dodge.

Why does he look “green”, you probably wonder? Okay, I mean, it has to be the worst light work I’ve ever seen.

He looked like an incredible Hulk until he started calling crows, then I must have gotten more “Joker” vibes… his boxy suit jacket didn’t help either.

This 18-second clip could literally be an audition tape for a Batman movie.

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Kamala was a speaker at the Reno, Nevada U.S. Mayor’s Conference, where she spoke to mayors as if they were kindergarteners and then Batman villains.


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Here’s what people are saying online:

“In modern history, there has to be a dumb president or vice president. And that says a lot. Holy hell. “

“Is he smoking ?!”

“Good God – that’s why বি Jobiden is still the worst president in history – because everyone knows – it could be worse!”

“Cammy always thinks she’s talking to kindergarteners.”

“Calling him an airhead is an insult to the wind. At least the air serves a purpose, and the evidence I have seen suggests that it must be a black hole in his ear. “

“Herbert Hoover’s administration is facing some serious competition for the worst of all time …”

“Please pray for our country …”

“It’s hard to lack charisma.”

“He averages less than 1 word per second.”

“Is he mentally weak?”

“An intellectual monster, he.”

“Why is everything so funny to him ??” What he said was not funny. Why is he smiling so loud ?? I do not understand ”

Apparently, the PR firm he hired to change his crude personality is on strike as Kamala continues to carry out the same bizarre activities that have eventually turned into such heinous blog posts here.

He speaks in the world salad, calls crows like crazy hyenas, and communicates with everyone as if they don’t understand Joe Biden, and big words.

It’s very easy to fix … Lean down, read your briefing, understand the depth of the problem, hire a better speech writer and take medicine for that villainous laugh.

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But Kamala is too arrogant, narcissistic and insecure to self-reflect and improve.

Just like Joe Biden, he thinks it’s all our fault that everything goes wrong.

This is the mindset of fools … and we have the two biggest ones, pretending to be responsible.

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