[VIDEO] AOC turned into a shaking bowl of blurring jelly when he was asked if he would

Oh my God, Dames is a mess right now. There has never been a so-called “president” since Jimmy Carter who is so terrible in his job.

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But let’s be clear, Jimmy Carter may be a bad president, but overall, he was a nice man.

Joe Biden is not a good man and never was.

He’s a career swamp rat, a pervert, a scoundrel, a cheater and a terrifying fake “president”.

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And the irrational part of all this is that the only people who don’t see Joe Biden as a huge aging failure are Joe, his wife Jill and his sister Valerie.

These three honestly believe that Joe still has his “magic touch” from the 90’s and thinks the “real problem” is that Joe is not just allowed to be “Joe”.

Ha ha ha. Can you imagine that being unknown?

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is seeing Joe Biden suffer from some kind of ragging dementia and they know what a miserable failure he is. And no one knows it better than Dames, but most of them can’t say it out loud for political reasons.

But some dams, who literally hate Biden, can’t cover how they feel when confronted, especially with the question of Joe Biden running again in 2024.

When CNN asked AOC this question, it turned into a blurring jelly.

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You can watch the video below:

AOC is actually in a tough spot here, which is fun to watch.

He can’t come out and say that Biden is a loser, because Demra won’t support him if he tells the truth, but his progressive / fundamentalist base, who hates Biden, wants to hear his call.

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So, he’s stuck in this obscure middle ground, where he says nothing and looks like a sell-out coward … which he really is.

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