[VIDEO] Anti-gun protesters trample on one another after someone shouts,

The anti-gun protest “March for Our Lives” turned into a violent free-for-all, with some idiots in the crowd shouting “gunfight” for no apparent reason.

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It sent these so-called “reasonable and loving” liberals into complete panic-induced frenzy.

As the crowd began to trample on each other, each boy and girl were on their own.

Even the elderly and children were caught in the crossfire.

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This insane group has once again proved that if some mentally ill kid is prone to violence, they can do it with or without a gun.

I mean, really, it looks scarier than the January 6th blow.

You can watch the video below:

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Here is what people are saying online about this violent oppression through the love of “non-violent” liberals:

“I am dying to laugh that all the anti-gun people are trampling on each other in complete cowardice. Dude literally pushed an old woman down to escape. “

“If you haven’t seen it yet, many of these people are angry about guns because they are pointing out their lack of internal control over others. They think “I would shoot someone if I had a gun” so that means everyone else will. This is how the game is played. ”

“You see, a bunch of group-minded NPCs follow the crowd without question when some of them start running.”

“We’re going to lose the next big battle.”

“Did it happen among these ground whales that the shots of a real gun would be much louder than shouting ‘gunshots’?”

“Well, now we know what to shout when they come to riot around you!”

“Looks like someone shouted 50 percent off Golden Coral.”

“Why am I listening to the Benny Hill theme song in my head while watching this?”

“And someone shouted ‘gunshots’ – not because anyone heard gunshots LOL idiots”

“I mean … what could be a more vivid example of” sheep “?”

Think about this – the same people who are trying to deny us our constitutional rights are the same cowards who will literally trample on old people and children when they feel their lives are in danger, no matter how unreasonable the “threat” may be.


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Never bow to these lunatics or bow your head. You hate them nothing but contempt and ridicule.

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