[VIDEO] And now we present “Deep Thoughts” with Orange Harris

Is there any politician in the world worse than Kamala Harris?

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It’s almost where I’m impressed with how badly he’s doing.

For example, is he destined to get worse every day? If so, Bravo, lady, you Murder It is

But seriously, it’s amazing to see this dumpster on fire, especially for someone with a PR / marketing background like me.

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I see orange problems, and they are really easy to fix, but nothing is being done to improve, so it tells me one thing …

He is uneducated.

His staff is probably so scared of him that they can’t be honest and tell him what went wrong:

  • She is unprepared
  • He runs incoherently
  • Cuckoo
  • He is harsh and unpopular

These are the top four things that, if addressed, will make a big difference in how the American public perceives him.

His other problems, such as being over his head, are completely ‘other problems’.

So, since Kamala is probably an evil narcissist, whatever goes wrong with her becomes someone else’s problem, and Kamala simply performs like a tough robot, programmed to talk dumb, and then “cackle” in order.

During her last appearance on CNN, Kamala was “deeply concerned” as she discussed inflation with Dana Bash.

It’s painful to see her trying to form a thought.

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You can watch the video below:

I mean, I wouldn’t give him credit for not arguing.

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I think he probably had to muster all his inner strength so as not to laugh and roll on the floor, so thank him.

Other than that, Kamala is still sucking so badly in her job that it’s stunning to watch.

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