[VIDEO] Americans want to know who the secret “WE” biden is by accident

You probably know by now that Joe Biden climbed on top of his bike when it wasn’t moving and hit the ground like a hammer bag.

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It turns out that Mr. Fitt and Azeel have their feet stuck in his pedals, probably because his motor skills are gone long ago, and he’s gone down.

The really ironic part is that the handlers dragged the old man out of bed and dressed him up like Lance Armstrong so they could get a bloody picture of him looking like he could actually do something “athletic” and “normal”. Riding such a bike, and it didn’t even work.

I can’t believe that spending more than 5 minutes a day with Joey was actually a good idea. I didn’t spend a single minute a day with Joe and I could tell he was a terrible plan. But if the handlers tied Ol ‘Joe to the bike for Pete’s love, at least get him an adult tricycle. I have one, and I’m not a “senior citizen”, but I have a big shoulder injury and it’s easy to run. I think Joe could easily handle one of them.

Instead, they put him on something that looks like it’s straight out of the Tour de France.

However, I’m not sure if this insane convoy below happened before or after the fall, but like most things Joe says, it’s quite annoying and Americans want to know who he is referring to “us” …

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So, let me set it up for you …

Joe is taking a question from a reporter who is asking about the Xi and Chinese tariffs that President Trump wisely set.

Here’s how it went down:

Reporter: How fast are you talking to Shir?

Joe: I’m not telling you

Reporter: Have you decided on China’s tariff, sir?

Joe: Um, we’re in the process of doing that

Reporter: Are you lifting the tariff?

Joe: Um, we’re in the process of doing makeup Mine Mind


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Who is “us” and what are they making up their minds about, because Joe’s mind is gone long ago.

You can watch the video below:

The only good thing about Biden is that he is so “lost” and shocked that he usually abandons the truth.

Here’s what people are saying online:

Who are “we” in the “process” of making Joe Biden’s mind for him ??? Maybe Shi ?? “

“We are in the process of making up my mind.” #NotMyPresident

“Who are we?”

“Joe Biden is weak and needs to be removed as president / Joe Biden needs to be investigated in November!”

“Who are we, the ones who are making up their minds for him? We deserve to know the answer. The only thing to save him is that Harris is so bad, I didn’t know it was possible. Very scary things are going on !!”

Who are the people who refer to “Pats” as “we”?

“This whole bike ride was a disaster LOL”

“We know you’re not running the country, Joe.”

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It’s painfully clear that Bumbling Joe isn’t running the country, but what’s scary, by word of mouth, is that Shi …

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