[VIDEO] Amber Heard is shopping at a TJ Maxx after losing BIG to TMZ Johnny

After her big loss in court, Amber Hard is about to return to a “peasant life” like the rest of us.

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And it seems to be starting already.

TMZ’s fine people get their hands on a video of Amber at a TJ Maxx discount store, shopping after the verdict – a verdict that will impoverish her by about + 8+ million.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like TJ Max and Homegoods, in fact, I often shop for both, but I’m an ordinary / conscientious middle-class American, not a Hollywood celebrity walking down the aisle to every continent.

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So, going on That Shopping for rack-off discounts is quite a hassle.

And we all know that … so much so that when Amber realized a camera had seen her, she wasn’t too excited and she was gone.

TMZ reports that Amber Hard is facing a harsh and costly reality after the Johnny Depp trial – for example, he could be a hook for millions of people – so it’s no surprise that he has been the victim of a bargain.

The video obtained by TMZ shows Amber shopping at a TJ Max in Brijhampton, NY on Thursday afternoon – where she was with her sister Whitney Henriquez, who testified on her behalf and who was tagging recently.

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We are told Amber and Whitney were looking at the racks for clothes and at one point were heard discussing their white linen pants. Looks like the sisters’ basket was full of intentional shopping. You can see, though, that when he saw the cameras rolling, Amber shook.


I’ve said it before about Joe … cheaters and liars never win.

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They may have a “good run” for a while, but the jig is about to go up … eventually their numbers will be drawn, and it’s time to pay that piper.

Amber’s number has just arrived, and Joe has been running for almost a year now … he’s burning long, slow karma … which is appropriate.

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