[VIDEO] Again, Nurse Jill had to come forward in her “July time” and rescue Joe

Whenever Nurse Jill is around, you know Joe is having a rough day.

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He’s the # 1 handler, so if he’s around, that usually means Joe needs a lot of extra special care.

This is why you see him rescuing her all the time. After all, no one knows better than Jill Biden how truly “gone” Jill is.

So, when Joe went on stage to give another wonderful speech, this time on July 4th, at the Garden Party in Jill 90, he was standing nearby in a dress that looked like a tablecloth.

Good lord, that woman has some awesome fashion tastes.

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But on the fashion side, she’s one of her husband Joe’s top nurses, and I guess that’s important… especially when she can’t remember the most basic things, like the 4th of July called “God Bless America.”

It should be a “no-brainer”, but we all know that Joe doesn’t have a lot of brains at the moment.

You can see that Jill can discreetly tell Joe, “God Bless America” ​​but she gets all confused and puts the microphone in her mouth and she weirdly says, “God Bless America.”

What a mess.

But, hey, you can’t say he didn’t try, did he?

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You can watch the video below:

Whenever Joe Biden gets on stage and opens his mouth, something goes wrong, or in this case, doesn’t come out at all.

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The American people clearly see that this guy is a clever mess, and the more the media and nurse Jill try to hide it, the worse it is for them.

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