[VIDEO] Again, Biden says really “cool stuff” and everyone

Sometimes it’s nice to have “Alzheimer’s patients” in the White House.

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Listen to me

Joe says stuff should be said out loud which is only whispered in person, so at least we get a head up.

She’s like a kid … a little too honest for her own good, and trust me, it’s new to Joe, who has lied all his life.

And again, these infamous “Biden words” came back to haunt him.

In a recent comment, Biden said something that really shocked many Americans… I know he does it a lot, but it always makes people jump.

Biden says he needs more money for the “second pandemic” that he is promising us.

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Oh, I’m sure your handlers will make sure it’s coming, Joe.

This will be called the “midterm mail-in ballot variant”.


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Here’s what people are saying online:

“It’s almost as if he knows they’re going to have a second epidemic because he’s going to cause it.”

“This is called the midterm variant AKA mail-in ballot scheme for the medium term.”

“The quiet part is loud!”

“She is OK. No stammer or stammer. It tells me they are working to create the next scam. “

“Yes … and it will hit in October. Just before the mid-November period.

“Another epidemic? How does he know? BC is planning a dam for November 22? Most likely. “

If Covid had some “naturally occurring” epidemic that is not wrapped up in politics and power grab, I’m sure people would hear these words and think, “Oh, he’s working very thoroughly and protecting us …”

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But after all that we’ve done, we hear those words and think, “Oh, they’re rigging another election and resetting globalism.”

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