[VIDEO] A clever conservative discovers how “angry” Joe gets every time

I just love our meme artists.

They do such great work. Yes, most of the time they entertain us and make us laugh, but more often than not they discover and reveal hidden truths about these DC reservoirs that we didn’t notice.

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This happened recently when a very talented meme artist who goes by the name of “Maze “ Entered “Middle-Class Joe”.

You know, early in Joe’s lifelong wetland career, he successfully portrayed himself as a “middle-class Joe.”

Just a few bone-chilling regular Joe, who tripped and fell in Congress.

He did it for several reasons. One, because people liked it.

Americans always want an “outsider” because we don’t trust politicians.

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And we really shouldn’t trust politicians who pretend to be outsiders, but this is a completely different article for another time.

He wants to disarm his colleagues and convince them that he is not a threat. He was just “average Joe”, a funny guy, full of gaffs, who would never stab them in the back and steal their committee work.

However, the day before, before social media shut down, that stick worked for Joe.

But mostly thanks to the quick response on social media, meme artists like this kind of right-wing blogs and tables, it no longer works.

In fact, almost everything that works for Joe no longer works.

But that didn’t stop him from going back to the political wells of the 90s for his 2022 material.

So, when looking at the maze “Middle-Class Joe” the content wasn’t hard to find.

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In fact, he noticed something that Joe Biden did when he said a certain line during his middle-class stroke.

She’s really, really angry.

It’s weird.

You can watch the video below:

One thing to note is that Joe, from the 70s, 80s and 90s, never lost his cool in this way.

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Oh sure, “Middle-Class Joe” would raise his voice here and there, but when he did it during the day, he sounded like a fairly angry and annoyed average Joey.

Now, in 2022, thanks to Maze, we can see that he sounds like a person with advanced dementia who can’t control his emotions and can’t communicate.

I encourage you to follow the maze on Twitter; Go to her page and see her other works. You can find him Here.

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