[VIDEO] A Chicago student journalist has just publicly blown Jane Saki into a Big Wall

Things have become really awkward for Biden’s ex-Stapford wife, Press Secretary Jane Saki.

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Jane is no longer part of the embarrassing circus known as “Biden Admin”, but don’t worry, she’s still a clown.

He’s on his way to MSNBC, but he’s made a pit stop in Chicago.

Saki appeared at the Snooty “Think Tank” type symposium at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, where he spoke about Biden’s work as the # 1 spin doctor and the current state of the media.

He took questions from the crowd, and that’s when things got too complicated for Jane.

Red State reports that a reporter for the university’s “Chicago Thinker” independent newspaper stepped into the microphone and questioned him about his comments earlier this month when he was responding to a question about protesting radical pro-abortionists outside the Conservative Supreme Court. The court judge said: “We must continue to encourage this [what she called “peaceful protests”] Outside the judges’ house. “

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The problem with this answer is that it completely ignores the uncomfortable fact that U.S. Code judges intend to influence protests outside the home (read: intimidation) to rule them in one way or another is illegal and subject to fines and / or one year in prison.

Perhaps with that in mind, “Chicago Thinker” journalist / senior editor Daniel Schmidt got up from his seat and asked him about the comments and whether he regretted them. After he asked the question, Saki at first surprisingly denied that he had said exactly what he had said. Smith then grabbed his phone and said he was quoting her. Saki then tried to make sense of it because he kept the word “peaceful” out of his question that he was lying about what he said. Schmidt rightly pointed out that whether “peaceful” or not, he and the rest of the Biden White House were in favor of illegal protests outside the judges’ homes.

Jane has done her usual Texas two-step around the truth and claimed a lot of bobbing and weaving that she didn’t encourage anyone to protest. All the innocent Jane encouraged people to get involved peacefully …

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Nice try, Jane. That still violates the law.


How embarrassing is it that a student reporter is more professional than 90 percent of the so-called “reporters” of fake news media?

This guy is asking questions that Americans want answered.

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Meanwhile, CBS News wonders what Joe’s favorite ice cream tastes like.

Just pity.

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