[VIDEO] 12-year-old kidnapped at Michigan gas station … Clark’s “warning shot” fire

When it rains it comes alone.

It seems that when Demra focuses on gun control, suddenly every strange and mentally ill cook in the country becomes “active”.

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Okay, this is definitely the case with my home state Michigan.

I saw this CCTV clip of a 12 year old child, yes, twelve, holding a gas station at gunpoint, and couldn’t believe my eyes.

For Goud’s love, I was trying to beat Pacman at the age of 12, when this little psycho was looting a gas station and he was firing warning shots into the air like Billy the Kid.

Also, was a bearded man dressed in front of him?

We need Jesus so badly in this country, it’s not funny …

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WZZM reports that a 12-year-old boy was taken into custody when law enforcement said he snatched a gas station in cash and fired a shot at Hartford on Wednesday afternoon.
Just before 4pm on Wednesday, 911 senders received a call about an armed robbery at the Marathon Gas Station at 108 East Main Street, just one block from the police station.

The senders learned that a young boy had fired a shot inside, which escaped with a bag of cash.
Hartford Police Chief Teresa Beltran was returning from a visit and was able to reach the gas station within 90 seconds of receiving the 911 call.
The other officers made it there shortly after.

Chief Beltran saw the suspect behind several buildings in the city center about a block and a half away from the scene of the armed robbery. He took her into custody without incident.

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Hartford Lieutenant Mike Prince said the 12-year-old went to school on Wednesday and apparently talked to a classmate about the safest gas station in town.

The boy went home, changed clothes, got into the safety of his parents’ gun, and recovered a 9mm handgun, along with two loaded magazines.
He put the gun in a backpack and then walked about a mile to the gas station, Lt. Prince said.
The 12-year-old was waiting in line behind a customer at a gas station when he pulled out a gun and told the clerk to keep the money behind.

He said, “Are you serious?”

That’s when the boy fired at the ceiling. He reached downstairs, handed her a bank deposit bag, and told her to leave the store.
The spent shell casing hit a clerk, Lieutenant Prince said.

“She was afraid she would never see her children again,” said Lt. Prince Kerani.

You can watch the video below:

The boy says he did not do it for money, but does not say why he robbed the store.

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Man, General Z is the mentally insane generation who need a lot of help to get out of this weed.

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