Using an “air vent” in his cell, J6 “meets” a young black man, a political prisoner.

I firmly believe that God has a plan for all of us.

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Sometimes, when the plan is unveiled, we don’t know what’s going on. This may seem like a punishment, but later, the “cause” is revealed, and we see that it was something bigger and stronger than we realized.

I think that’s exactly what happened to the 61-year-old J6 political prisoner Richard Bigo Barnett.

He was one of the amazing patriots.

What Bigo said about what happened on that unfortunate day in the Capitol:

“Just for the record, I did not enter the capital. I was pushed and trampled while trying to avoid hurting others. I was not allowed to go then. My voice in the video. “


When Bigo was “trapped” in that lonely, dark cell as a political prisoner, he “met” a young black man named George.

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The two “met” through air vents in their cells.

George was kept in solitary confinement – he was 21 years old.

An amazing and unique friendship developed between the two, and one of the first things Bigo did after his release from prison was to tell George’s story, and how this young man’s struggle changed Bigo’s life.

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Here is the story of George as Bigo says in multiple tweets:

Thread 1) When I was in the prison hole in DC, I met and communicated with a young black man in the cell next to me through the ventilation vent. I was in the hole for a while so we got to know each other better. He was a good kid. 21 years old.

2) He was at an outside trade school and was taking courses in solitary confinement with occasional visits from his teacher in prison. She was trying hard but was having a hard time so I started helping her. We gave the custodian or a guard his assignments back and forth

So I could explain and examine his work. She shared with me that she aspired to be a rapper and shared her music with me. We even wrote him and me a song together in prison. We’ve been talking about music, family and all aspects of life for weeks. What was it like

4) Stayed in the hood at DC and how he ended up in DC Correctional Institution. This is the main story I want to share with you now. I have edited, I want you to understand that I have a lot of respect for this young man, even how hard he tried to move forward for his family.

5) From a solitary confinement. George was living at his parents’ house with his girlfriend, son and newborn baby. Her father was involved in drugs and was out of the house. One day when George, his mother, his daughter and children were at home, there were two men, one of them

6) Armed with a pistol, they kicked the front door and attacked their house. They were looking for his father. George pulled the pistol away from the wrestler and shot him dead. When the other man ran out the door, George chased after him. The man grabbed a brick and

7) It was thrown at George. He also shot and killed the intruder on the street outside his home. George has now been charged with two counts of murder. I tell this story for 2 reasons. George’s first off, pumping adrenaline, maybe a second shot to save his family

8) Thugs, but I have no problem with that. They brought fights to him. He looked after the business. You can agree or disagree. It is up to you. But secondly, I can’t help but contrast the way in which both news and blues portray problems as important to black life.

9) To completely ignore the highest percentage of perpetrators of crimes and murders on blacks in our country. The criminals are another black! This is not a racist issue. After all, it is a community problem, it is a fatherless population problem, it is many more problems that we have

10) Asked to ignore. Make whatever you want from this thread but George doesn’t deserve it. His family and many other families in this community are not worthy of the lie that perpetuates the real problem. Shame on you who call yourself the leader of the BLM movement

11) The media and anyone else who spreads lies and hatred. George you will never see this when you are sitting in your house planning a future for your children which you can never fulfill but I want you to know that I have listened to you. I respect you and wish you all the best

12) You can rescue from your situation. You didn’t want that. God bless you and your youth. -Bigo

13) I thank you for taking the time to read this. Just know that this is a very short version of the time that George and I spent together.

Later, Bigo offers an update about George. Here is what he said:

After writing this thread last night I did new research and although hard to find, I discovered George got a new attire. And simultaneously accepted an application contract of 2 counts of voluntary murder served. I can’t find his final punishment but in DC it’s still up to 30 years.

God bless Bigo for telling us about George. How would we know the story of this young man if Bigo hadn’t been in that messy place at the right time?

This is what I mean by God’s plan …

And here I am, some random “blogger” using the internet just to share with you, my “online family” and I see this thread and it touches my heart, so I publish it, and now thousands more And Bigo).

There is now an army of people who know George and can pray for him and support him. And from the responses to Bigo’s thread, this is already happening a lot of the time. And you never know where it might go and what might happen.

Bigo was part of something bigger … and he’s a patriot.

I would encourage you to follow him on Twitter, or at least take a minute to send him an encouraging word and thank him for his sacrifice. He is a fighter for truth.

You can find him Here.

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