Ugly truth emerges … NBC report “real reason” Border Patrol enters TX school

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We all know that the “real reason” was that Border Patrol agents went to that school – it was to save the lives of children and kill the gunman – but there is more to the story …

There’s another “real reason” and you have to hear about it because it’s a big issue and shapes the whole other part of this horror story … and yes, it involved the local police, and how they reacted – or didn’t respond – to the school shooter

More news: Newsmax host Greg Kelly has just said something “very fishy” about the shooting.

So, NBC reporter Ken Dylanian reported another “real reason” that Border Patrol Tactical agents attacked the classroom and killed the shooter … and based it on “Mounting Frustration”.

Apparently, they were disappointed with the way the local police were handling the situation.

Local police told them not to enter the school. But whatever they are. Thank God, isn’t it?

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Here’s why: “New: Border patrol tactical agents who broke into the classroom and killed the shooter acted on their own initiative after growing frustrated, the source told Juliansley.

And we have more confirmation about this story, again from NBC:

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“Fed agents were instructed by local law enforcement not to go to school after the * TX gunman. Approximately 30 minutes later, the Fed went against that instruction and led the shooter to be removed, 2 sources said.”

This latest disturbing news adds a mountain of already growing evidence against the local Uvalade police which shows how badly they managed to carry out these mass shootings.

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You can’t help but wonder how many lives they could have saved if they had followed their own “mass shooting protocol” and training.

Americans deserve answers, and those poor, bereaved families deserve justice.

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