Two children have just been admitted to hospital for lack of baby formula

The baby’s formula crisis has reached fever stage.

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I’m watching a video of parents crying because they’re going from store to store trying to find the baby’s clue, without luck.

One couple had to stop searching because they could not afford all the GAS they were taking to find the formula

This is Joe Biden’s America, and it’s too bad.

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And now, if those aren’t bad enough, we hear that two children in Tennessee were hospitalized, thanks to the lack of this Godfrescan formula.

The New York Post reports that two Tennessee babies had to be hospitalized with “specific dietary requirements” due to a national deficiency in the baby’s formula.

The children were admitted to Le Bonhaur Children’s Hospital in Memphis this month, according to Dr. Mark Karkins, head of the hospital’s pediatric gastroenterology department and University of Tennessee Health Science Center University.

“These are young children with health conditions and special treatment needs who have specific dietary needs,” Kirkins said in a statement. “Their bodies did not adapt well to the new formula type and they needed to be treated with IV fluids and supplemental nutrition.”

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According to the commercial appeal, the age of the children is 5 and 8 years

Corkins said Le Bonheur’s experts are “creating multiple options to ensure their nutritional needs are met while caring for a child. It can be a complex and arduous process and it is extremely difficult for parents to navigate on their own.”

Both babies need an amino acid-based formula because they have Short Bowel Syndrome – a condition that makes them unable to digest food, reports Commercial Appeals.

According to news outlets, through special formulas produced by Abbott Laboratories, one child was released on Tuesday after receiving treatment for dehydration and complications from malnutrition, while the other was hospitalized in stable condition.

Can you imagine how terrified those parents were?

And in the meantime, Joe Biden is making clever remarks about not being a “mind reader” about better handling a child formula deficit, and he’s beheaded like a chicken, raising billions to send to Ukraine.

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It’s called “America’s Last” and it’s all up to Dames.

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