Tucker uses his show Kieron to send rude messages to Joe and his crack

Money is known to use its show Chyron to slam people.

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Remember what he did to Michael Avenatti when he appeared on his show? Kieron has identified him as a “CFP” or “creepy porn lawyer”. It was awesome.

Well, at least he didn’t go down without explaining himself first and foremost.

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Remember when the fact-checkers told us that Joe Biden was not sending “free” crack pipes to the Americans, and to those of us whom he claimed were “liars” and said we were spreading “fake news”?

The White House has stated that this is not true and has promised not to send “free” crack pipes.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Biden is actually sending “free” crack pipes. Flash flashes.

The fine people at Washington Free Beacon actually ordered the “Safe Smoking” kit, which contained cracked pipes.

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You can’t find baby formula for your child, but you do find some crack-head taxpayer-funded “free” crack pipes.

This is Biden’s America.

Even after the story of the crack pipes breaking, Jane Saki, as a blatant liar, claimed that it was a “conspiracy theory”.


This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s real. And this is another disgusting lie spread by fake biden admin.

And these liars who want to create a “ministry of truth” … give us all a break.

So, in the midst of all this “crack pipe talk”, Tucker uses Kieron on his show to call Joe and his crack head boy with a brutally rude message.

It was perfect. Here is what he said: “Biden wants everyone to have access to crack pipes like his son Hunter.”


Segment here, it was fantastic:

I’m sure Biden has a soft spot in his heart for cracking his head, thanks to his deadbeat son.

But he is not helping anyone by sending cracked pipes.

What he is doing is being an ordinary active Democrat.

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If he really wants to help those people, he will close the border and stop this tsunami of illegal drugs.

These people need rehabilitation therapy and a trade school.

Instead, Biden wants to rely on the government for their next “high”.


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