Trump was defending her when her husband, George, was abusing her

Well, she did it … Kelian finally admits the truth, and her new book makes it clear about her abusive husband, George Conway.

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She explains why she did not divorce him, and how she endured all the mental anguish.

This is certainly not a spoiler alert – but this guy is a huge loser and a gourd is a tub.

Do you remember when Callian’s daughter went crazy online? Well, guess who encouraged him to do that?

Yes George.

Not only is he abusing his wife emotionally and verbally, he is doing the same with his daughter and all because he has Stage 5 TDS.

This guy is sick.

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And speaking of Trump… Kelian admits that when George was abusing him, President Trump was protecting him.

Let’s take a closer look.

I really love this blogger, Don Subar. Please check it out if you haven’t already. He always has a really good take on things.

He knocked it out of the park with his piece in Callian’s book. Dawn reports that Kelly Conway wrote in a memoir about his abusive wife, Here’s the deal.

The situation is summed up in this paragraph: “I had two men in my life. One was my husband. One was my boss, who was president of the United States. One of the men was protecting me. And it wasn’t George Conway. That was Donald Trump. “

She was and still is a strong woman. Georgie Boy couldn’t take it. A true man will be proud and helpful to his wife. Chumbawamba Conway was a coward. The Washington Post enables his abuse by exposing his screed to the president, targeting his wife. Cable TV has made him a star, Costanza of Washington.

Divorce was not the answer because they are Catholic. He trapped her. All of Washington rejoiced at his horrific abuse of his wife. And of course, they laughed and mocked him behind his back because his actions showed how defeated he was, seeking the approval of people who would never respect him. How could they? See how he treated his wife.

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But all liberal talk about feminism is out of place because there was a trailblazer – a heroine who couldn’t get there for sure against Hillary’s marriage – who was ridiculed by DC residents. There is no praise in their lifetime for something brave.

The book was leaked to the Washington Post because these political memoirs are frequent.

He has made his life miserable.

He wrote, “Night after night, I would come home from a busy day at work and stay there for the kids: dinner, housework, projects. When I was handling dishes, dogs, laundry, adolescent dramas and trauma, George was just me. Stay a few steps away, get stuck in his home office, conspire against my boss and me. “

I do the dishes and help with the laundry. I will admit that the cat is my wife’s responsibility even though I clean the litter. This is called marriage. You compromise and you work together.

For those teenage dramas and traumas, George encouraged a daughter to go on social media and put the family’s unemployment on full display. I realize it takes two to make a marriage work. I understand that his long hours have exacerbated the situation.

An item to note about the book… Kelian ends up with George’s part saying that he believes our country and democracy will make it, but he and George don’t know if he will.

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My righteousness, Catholic or not, please leave Kellyan, that unfortunate, insulting man.

I think God will understand.

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