Trump praised the Supreme Court’s decision to send abortions back to the states “as huge

Former President Donald Trump has welcomed the “huge news” of the Supreme Court’s decision to send abortions back to the states, saying their decades-long “love, sacrifice and commitment have finally been rewarded.”

Trump said Saturday night at a Save America event in Mendoza, Illinois, which was shown live on Newsmax, “The court has declared a victory for the Constitution, a victory for the rule of law and, above all, a victory for life. “

“Millions of people have been praying for this discovery for many years, and this is the answer to their prayers. Generations of Americans involved in the pro-life movement, as well as countless constitutional conservatives, have been praying for decades and their prayers have now been granted.

“Your endless love, sacrifice and devotion have finally been fully repaid.”

Tuesday at GOP Primary, Ripa. Mary Miller, R-Ill., Was running against Republican Rodney Davis, R-Ill., And Trump has historically campaigned in the Nile, Illinois. Davis received harsh criticism on January 6 for supporting the House’s “unelected committee.”

“Remember that the people of your wonderful state are going to vote to dismiss the far-left Democrats in five months,” Trump told the crowd. “You’re going to send Congresswoman Mary Miller to Washington to fight for you, whose name is ‘Ultra Maga’ (they’ve given us a nice name).”

“He’s great. You’re going to pick a great slate of hardcore, fearless conservatives across the board.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political career will end “once and for all”, according to Trump, with the help of “pro-mega” Miller.

“We’re going to finish Nancy Pelosi together,” Trump announced. “He is insane. We are going to permanently shut down his political career. It seems to be coming to an end. It is better to end. He has done such damage to our nation.”

Don’t you miss President Trump? Miller asked questions as soon as he came on stage to make some comments.

Addressing the crowd, Miller said, “Friends, in order to restore America, we must first elect conservatives to Congress in Congress and then remove that weak and incompetent man from our Oval Office and bring President Trump back.”

In addition, Trump campaigned for state Senator Darren Bailey, who is running for governor of Illinois at the GOP primary on Tuesday. Bailey will challenge Democrat JB Pritzker, the current governor of Illinois, if he wins.

JB Pritzker is one of the worst governors in American history, and according to Trump, Darren is the perfect candidate to challenge and defeat him. “I had a long cowardly deal with this guy. He was the worst person of all time. He has acted disgustingly. Everyone took him inside and locked him up. He was a disaster. His performance is awesome. Everyone is fleeing your kingdom. “

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