“Trump must be president for 50 years and Pelosi must be in prison.”

General Z is getting beaten up lately.

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Many believe that the millennia were bad, but General Z is even worse.

I would say that it is normal for the older generation to come down hard on the younger ones.

I remember General X and I remember “The Greatest Generation” and the Boomers always talked about us …

But that’s the way it goes, I think … youth is wasted on young people or something like that.

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However, after watching this clip, I don’t think we should give up on General Z.

And yes; I know this is just a clip and most of what we see from General Z is misleading blue-haired gender-neutral / non-binary / blah / blah / blah people talk nonsense and pronouns, but there is always an opposite side, and if this guy Representing the opposite side, I think there is still a lot of hope.

When asked if he thought Donald Trump should be in prison, the young man’s response was one of the best you could hear.

This kid gets it.

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Couldn’t agree more!”

“Finally a young man who is not stupid”

“We’ve found a General J who knows his gender!”

Many of us agree with you. #Trump winner

“Not all of our young people are stupid …”

“I love this kid!”

“Is there more like this boy? If so, we need to find them and support them. ”

“This young man is right about everything.”

“Wow, will anyone else come back with a little hope?”

“When you ask a question to someone with common sense, you get this kind of answer.”

“General Z, there’s still hope for you !!!”

Yes, there is hope. Always remember, “fringes” are the smallest group, but they are the loudest, so they deceive many people into thinking that they represent the majority, but they do not.

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Believe, and keep fighting because that child and others like him desperately need our help and support.

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