Trump adviser Stephen Miller just took Biden’s “Ultra Maga” scheme and set it on fire

What is Tim Biden doing now?

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Well, for starters, they’re making the mistake of sending a massive PR / message to President Trump and “MAGA” in the middle of 2022.

The move backfired epic in Virginia when Glenn Yankin won, and it is set to get worse in 2022 as Biden’s vote is more severely disrupted and the country is more upset with its failed policy than ever before.

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At a time when a record number of Americans want to get President Trump back, Trump’s vote is growing and he is crawling biden, drawing attention to MAGA and “King Trump” is probably the last thing you want to do.

But this is Biden’s team for you – they are completely unknown.

And Stephen Miller, Trump’s most loyal adviser, was right there, ready to take Biden’s “Ultra Maga” scheme and blow it up in his wrinkled old man’s face.

Here is what Stephen said: Ultra-maga = ultra-low inflation ultra-high wages ultra-affordable energy ultra-efficient supply chain ultra-protected border ultra-tough on super-coordinated crime for super-powerful military police super-tough on China – Freedom is the ultra-patriotic ultra-American ultra-peaceful world

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Again, this is the last thing you want to do if you’re bumbling Joe Biden. You don’t want to remind Americans of all your failures against all of President Trump’s accomplishments.

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Everyone knows that under President Trump’s worthy and wonderful leadership, the situation in the country is much worse now.

Joe Biden has wrapped up everything from Afghanistan to Covid to the economy and world peace.

There is nothing better today than when Trump was in office.

Crime is on the rise in liberally run cities, our borders are wide open, countries are more divided and angry, and the middle class and poor are being destroyed by Biden’s “Green New Hell Deal” agenda.

But that’s the downside for Team Biden – Joe did nothing and didn’t provoke anyone, so they have to go back to someone who did so much and aroused so much passion (Trump) to try to moderate their base by mid-2022.

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But while it may employ some TDS cooks, it will certainly make many more aspire to the good old days when the economy was booming, and there was peace around the world. MAGA “is stuck with the plan.

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