Tom Cruise’s latest tweet shows how much he respects the “silent majority.”

At a time in this country where everyone in Hollywood is stepping on their own to make the worst movies, and putting a progressive political and / or social spin on everything, it is very refreshing that Tom Cruise has the courage and intelligence. Gun Maverick.

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That movie was nothing more than an all-American patriotic good time and it has crossed the billion dollar mark.

Obviously, Americans want to see things like this.

We’re looking forward to it.

It’s 100 percent pure entertainment, free from all politics and social nonsense – my God, how fresh, isn’t it?

To escape what is happening around us, people go to the movies, do not talk about morality, and vote for someone by intolerant, liberal liberal degradation.

And say whatever you want about Tom, but he “got it” and he proved it again in his tweet today.

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At a time when everyone is hugging each other, and liberals are throwing his fit # 999,999,999, Tom could come out with one of the infamous “celebrity-social-conscious” tweets that most of us want to provoke.

But he did not.

Instead, he says:

“Congratulations to all the films, all the studios and all the exhibitors on release. To the audience: Thank you for coming out and for allowing us to entertain you. See you in the movies.”

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A totally wonderful and humble tweet.

There is no politics, no rhetoric, no personal point of view.

Just a nice “thank you,” from a guy who made a great movie.

How do you do it.

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I don’t care what Tom’s religion is, or how he votes, I just want to say “thank you” to him for making a movie that so many people are enjoying and that has freed us from all this insanity.

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