Today’s show is enlightened to ask struggling Americans if they order it

I guess no one on the Today show realizes that many Americans are barely getting through to Biden’s inflation.

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Heck, half the children in the country are starving because parents can’t find baby formula on Biden’s empty shelves.

So, why did the Today show in the name of God think that Vogue editor posted a picture of the $ 77 steak lunch and asked America if they would order it?

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The picture of lunch is ridiculous, especially if anyone is scraping it right now trying to feed their family… it’s a very small fillet steak, and two pieces of mozzarella cheese, a few basil leaves and some pesto… all for $ 77.

I mean, what a bargain, isn’t it?

Why are the elites so stupid?

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Here are the tweets:

Here is a closeup of the photo:

Let’s not forget that Anna Wintur is the woman portrayed by Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wars Prada”.

According to that movie, he’s not a pretty person … at all.

New book The Devil's Wars reveals Anna Winter's reaction to Prada

Here’s what people are saying online:

“I like your segments that help regular people find ways to save money when inflation is high. Well done.”

“There is no child formula. Americans can’t afford gas or food! But TheTodayShow is tweeting that elite Anna Wintur’s bullshit * pays $ 77 for lunch. Stop the Devil “

“That 2 lunch? F ** k off, today show, I can’t even feed my family chickens.”

“Example 8 Million shows that #press #ivyleague represents a circle of idiots who don’t see the problem of paying 77 77 for lunch.”

“Why are you showing it to ordinary people?”

“They are trying to tell ordinary people how we should live.”

“20,000 rupees a year for lunch alone. The common awake fool pretending to speak on behalf of the oppressed. Will you try this? No, I’ll buy and cut a whole waist and have dinner for a few days. You know, I’m not the rich elite talking about racial issues and climate change. “

“Tell me you’re out of touch with people. Don’t tell me you’re out of touch.”

“These people have no idea about the real world.”

“> A small slab of cheese on a leaf and jizz all over the sauce> $ 77 How to scam a dumb rich starter pack.”

“They’re very out of touch, it’s really wonderful.”

“But our plebeians are talking about eating cashew cheese, impossible meat, preserved starch and bugs.”

“No, I won’t. Not that I don’t think I would like it, but thanks to #BidenInflation we can never afford it for one lunch right now. The elite actually hate the blue collar worker. “

“Limousine Leninist lifestyle.”

“Time to break the guillotine”

It’s a dumb story run anytime, but a Really To run the dumb story when many people are suffering from the high inflation of Biden and the rising price of Joe’s gas.

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Apparently, some ignorant, hyphalutin elite are running social media accounts on the Today show.

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