Today’s Republicans are dangerous, lying hypocrites and abortion issues

Since 2017, Trump has been whispering to white-nationalists and neo-Nazi groups that he is not a threat to their violent agenda against Jews, blacks, LGBTQs and any other non-white, non-Christian groups. Until they become Republicans and vote for him, he will not join the fight against their attack on democracy or decency. However, it is 2022 and he lost the election and is being criminally investigated by the judiciary and the states of Georgia and New York. Historically, like dictators and dictators, he is going down a bad path.
The neo-Nazi ideology promotes ultra-nationalism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and violence to overthrow the government. Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, white hegemonics have found a home with Donald Trump and the new Republican Party that is quiet about systemic racism, anti-Semitism, anti-immigration, anti-immigrant movements and the violence used to overthrow the democratic electoral process. Patriots like Mitch McConnell initially made public statements against the violent, Trump-inspired uprising and the Nazi March in Charlottesville, and have since been inactive in the fight to marginalize these hate groups. Power-hungry, corrupt anti-democratic Republican elected officials should be removed from office.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a scathing speech from the Senate floor denouncing Donald Trump as “practically and morally responsible” for the Capitol uprising after the coup – shortly after the vote to provoke the former president. (Politico, February, 2021). Hypocritical, Russian-friendly Mac Connell has remained silent about the “big lie” and the crime uncovered at the Jan. 6 hearing. He is silent on the white hegemonic, neo-Nazi movement that is influenced by Republicans. He stands for power and personal wealth. He has done more harm than good to our democracy. What’s wrong with Kentucky voters? Their condition is bad in all cases
Efficacy in comparison Any state in America. He will be fired from any private company.
Mike Pence is a religious, extremist extremist who supported every racist, undemocratic, cruel policy of the Donald Trump administration. He was an epic donkey-kisser of Trump and thus a proponent of immoral, racist, adulterous, lying and deception that defines Trump’s character. If there is a “pearl-gate,” Jesus will keep it locked when the pen appears He certified the 2020 election to be out of jail. He actually investigated whether he could legally run away by stealing the election in favor of Trump. He is not a patriot, he is a CC.

The Supreme Court is a joke! Disrespect, disregard, and disregard for the rule of law by all means, breaking the court, legally or illegally, would be a step toward protecting the American Constitution.

President Biden must take drastic steps to confront the white-national, alt-right extremist Republican Party. If he is not prepared to fight hard against the destruction of the Republican rule of law and act dirty if necessary, he should resign and Kamala Harris should be tried in this case.

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