Today we have discovered a person who will benefit the most from bowing to Biden

You’ve probably heard the news about how Hillary Clinton officially announced that she’s not running for the White House in 2024, right?

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According to a new and exclusive report from Radar Online, don’t believe a word … it has every purpose in running.

The only thing Hillary is waiting for is an announcement from her friend Joe that she will not run in 2024, and after falling off her bike yesterday, that announcement should be locked.

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The alleged denial was in fact a deliberate and desperate move by Hillary, according to two sources, who claimed that the former First Lady had secretly told members of the influential Democratic Party that she was “ready” to win the Oval Office if she wanted to persuade President Joe Biden to step down. The third bid will be parachuted.

Both Bigwigs of Beltway spoke on condition of anonymity. One of these sources pointed to Clinton’s “cautious” reinstatement in a political speech over the weekend as a “dead gift” and a step “directly out of Hillary’s playbook.”

Insiders added that it was “an effective and coordinated attack on President Joe Biden from the shadow campaign.”

“There are two masters of Bill and Hillary’s political art here and they are doing what they do best – sowing divisions, even in their own positions.

“Bill and Hillary are more Machiavellians than ever before. It was a trial balloon. Place it and see how it lands.

“He has put forward a ‘public position’ for this record that would be a hindrance for re-running President Biden. He did not say he would not run! Rather, if he does, it will be disrupted.

“Hillary is not openly saying that she is telling people behind the scenes: ‘I’m ready!'” Said Powerbroker, who has worked in multiple presidential campaigns.

“Hillary is a man who would beg for a draft to save the day. Someone should ask his point blank: If Biden can’t run, will he ever ask?

“‘ If asked ’is an important structure for any chance of his running. He can always say, ‘Hey, you told me to come back and save the day!’

If the 74-year-old Hillary wants to run again, she is likely to reunite with former President Donald Trump.

“If you look carefully at Hillary for 2024, it’s not as offensive as one might think,” said a Democratic scholar.

“Millions of women have not recovered from the heartbreak of 2016 and are ready to support her again. Hillary had 2.8 million more votes than Trump. That was the widest margin of votes for the losing candidate in US history. Most of them will be ready to support her again.” The only unanswered question is whether Trump lost any support because of his denial of the 2020 election.
In January, top party leaders began sowing the seeds of Clinton’s return.

Douglas E. Schwein and Andrew Stein wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

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See, Joe Biden is not running in the 2024 election.

I know she thinks she is, and it’s beautiful and all, but it’s not happening.

Democracy will never allow that to happen. In fact, they are probably working with the GOP to lay the groundwork for the impeachment so that they can get rid of Joe as soon as possible.

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And once that happens, Hillary will work her magic and announce her race, and if she is not nominated, all hell will break …

Then, the rematch of the century will happen and Trump will kill him again, until Dames unleashes another ballot-harvesting plague in the country.

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