To understand exactly why Deep State is terrified of President Trump, just look

Last night, President Trump set a statewide record for the largest event ever held in Wyoming.

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He was there to campaign against the traitor and cosmopolitan Liz Cheney, and President Trump filled a 22K stadium and, of course, did not include the overflow.

It was a barn burning at an assembly.

Let’s see:

I saw all these pictures and videos of the rally, and I laughed and felt great, knowing that Liz Cheney was marinating in the DC swamp, went crazy.

But I’m never surprised or surprised to see a crowd at Trump’s rally.

That’s exactly how it is.

We hope there will be a huge gathering, and a great time, right?

But did you realize that this is “normal?”

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Of course, we see this as normal, but politics does not go that way. This is not something that has been seen before and that is why Deep State is so terrified

So, that’s why, when I saw this tweet last night, it really hit a jack with me.

This is from a pro-Trump account that goes by C3.

And here is what he said: “It is not normal to fill a 20K seat It is not normal to stand in line day after day for a public meeting. The media will not tell you this but it is not supposed to be a political movement in 6/7. Trump and Maga are a movement we have not seen before. It scares the wetlands. “

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I like this tweet because, although I know MAGA is something special, I never really stopped and thought deeply about it.

We are here, in this MAGA political movement for 6-7 years, and President Trump, who is not even the “president” (although he really is, because he won), can still draw in the “rock concert” crowd.

This is madness.

Really think about it … It’s a political event that we’ve never seen before in this country or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

So, what is it about President Trump that draws us to him?

Liberals and idiots in the media will say it is a “cult” or “racism” or claim that he is like the “Hitler” character. But it is much less unreasonable than that.

It’s actually quite simple.

He told us the truth.

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People jump to the truth, especially when it’s been locked and locked for so long… and yes, that’s why Deep State is so terrified… because Trump represents the truth.

So, although what is happening is not “normal”, it is absolutely magical.

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