This very definition of Baron Trump’s new film “Ultra Maga” … you

A new image of Baron Trump has spread on the internet and people are going crazy.

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When you think of “Ultra Maga” and what it means, you have to run to present what this photo means, because Baron looks like a walking / talking Ultra Maga guy and is only 16 years old.

The image appears to be of Mar-a-Lagor and it is a beaming baron, standing with his arm around an elderly woman, reported 6’8.

The lady in the picture does not come up to her elbow!

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I love Baron’s smile, and is it just me, or does Baron look a lot like his brothers? I especially see Don Jr. in this picture.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“If he ever joins the political arena, he will be a leader who will stand above all.”

“Now it’s tall, dark and handsome.”

“I believe Eric Trump is about 6’5 years old, the whole family talks about health and success.”

“I hope he plays basketball.”

“I bet he’s really smart, and his grandparents taught him a lot of Slovenian !! She can be polka like me !!!!! “

“Yes, apples do not fall away from the tree as they say. Rotten tree (biden) makes rotten apples “

“It’s a baby now !! What a wonderful day!”

“I want to see him play basketball. However, he must be really tough-skinned with all the haters out there. “

“Most of the Trump family is tall. I would say they all carry it very well. See the difference between the president’s son Baron and Hunter. All the difference to your parents. The kids at Bribe never got a chance. Rock On, Baron. I want to vote for you one day. “

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Heights, success, generosity, and power go deep into the Trump family… and it seems Baron is no exception!

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