This guy is a full-fledged Democrat, but you will like what he says

I don’t know what’s going on, but is there a full moon or something?

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Lately, over the last few days, I’ve actually come to terms with two liberals who are full of common sense.

It was madness. That never happens.

A man has just discovered that Dames is a manipulator, a liar …

Welcome to the event.

In 2016 we had the same epiphany about Republicans.

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So, this Democrat guy wrote a short but powerful message to his party radicals and when I saw it online, I had to share it with you.

He goes by the name of Damien Towel, and he is as frustrated as Heck.

He is sick and tired of the media and radicals trying to “uproot” these crazy ideas from the system. He thinks this insanity is keeping everyone off track.

So, he would tell all of them on Twitter to stop talking nonsense and start fighting and winning elections to bring about change without actually trying to fix the systems that exist.

God, I’m sure they won’t listen …

I’m pretty sure they won’t.

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Here is what Damin said:

The Supreme Court is not expanding.

– The legislative filibuster is not leaving.

-And the Senate is not going to be abolished or based on state population as guaranteed shit.

Get your head out of your ass and stop wasting your time on MSNBC nonsense which will never happen.

Your imagination cannot save you. Instead, you need to select people. I know – it’s harder than you can imagine that the president can miraculously make your most nightmares come true. But he can’t. You can, though, if you actually work for it.

The impotent but pleasurable fantasies of MSNBC, VOX and the rest do more to stifle change than Fox News. SCOTUS has hired 4 new dams while you’re masturbating, Republicans are destroying you in the vote.

Damin “gets it.”

But sadly, most do not.

And I say “sadly,” because these extremist groups are trying to destroy this country and want to impose their beliefs and the majority on those who have rejected them and their leaders.

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For Damien, I think she is very smart and intelligent to be a Dame and she should just be by our side.

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