This fourth July we still celebrate as a democracy because Joe Biden

President Biden and his wife Jill have brought back decency, competence and pride to our government. When you inherit a country trashed by your predecessor, the country will fight under the most capable leader. Trump has inherited a great economy, and a country is moving toward the end of racial discrimination, tolerance and respect for gender diversity, the policy of strengthening the middle class, and positive relations with our allies. Trump removed all moral principles and replaced them with policies that benefit the rich, diversity and anti-immigrant policies, and empty promises for the stupid, rural poor. In his racist rivalry with superior President Obama, he destroyed the department for the epidemic instability that caused the deaths of one million Americans from the virus. These deaths could have been avoided if Trump hadn’t lied about Covid’s deadline, ridiculed science, and fought against wearing masks. Because of America’s unpreparedness to prevent transition, the economy collapses, industries collapse, and the rich become even richer this fourth of July. Trying to destroy democracy.
It was mute that he had ever been elected president. It is foolish to see him as a “strong man” because he is an insecure crying child. Foolish to see him as smart, he doesn’t understand the constitution, history or science. It is foolish to believe him. It is foolish not to judge him. July 4th is nothing more than showing him fake patriotism on camera, fooling his base to keep his income stream alive, believing he loves America. Her photo option to embrace the flag was a visible manipulation for innocent people.
Is it patriotic for a US president to promote his business interests with a foreign opponent and then lie to the American people? On the Fourth of July let’s not forget that Trump does not respect the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Instead of just celebrating the birth of the nation with barbecue and fireworks, Americans should read the Declaration of Independence. The purpose of the document is to protect the freedom of the people from the tyranny of a king. The most recent evidence that Donald Trump abused his power, like King George, was revealed in a recent January 6 committee testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson. Trump demanded that metal detectors be lowered to the Capitol to allow his aggressive, armed followers to enter the building. This is what the founding fathers would call treason. These text references to the manifesto show just how incompetent Trump is to serve as president again. Sadly, on this Independence Day it is clear that America will take a few years to recover from Trump’s attack on our democracy, freedom and morality.

The hope of justice and healing lies in the criminal evidence presented by Jan. 6th committee hearing against Trump and his allies. Apart from political concerns and the uncertain outcome of the trial, the judiciary is also expected to do its part to convict on the basis of violating laws.

Inflation, a global economic crisis, an epidemic, support for Ukraine and global democracy, global democracy, global democracy, global development, global economic crisis, the White House is expected to have a moral, intelligent, competent patriot to navigate. Biden’s goals, priorities, and ethics reflect the purpose and ethics of July 4th. Putin represents the opposite of Donald Trump’s love for the Saudi prince and his romance with Kim Jong Un.

Trump befriended friends and loyal enemies of the United States. This is another sign of how Trump is not governing on the basis of the protections created in the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence declares, “We hold the truth to be self-evident, that all human beings who have been created equally have been given some immutable rights by their Creator, including the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.” These rights, governments are established among men, acquire their just power from the consent of the rulers. “A president who equally ignores the needs and desires of all people for personal or political gain violates the spirit and purpose of the Declaration of Independence. Will not

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