This “crazy liberal” is actually working an undercover conservative for our side

The cat is out of the bag, so you can know the secret too.

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Dinesh has already told everyone, so I’m not giving it, he has already done it.

But you’ve probably seen this “crazy generous” guy on your timeline. He looks like Beto Jr. and he’s always crazy about problems like theater and bunkers.

His name Dash Dobrovsky And he’s just as crazy and insane as any other liberal out there, so there’s no reason to think of him as a parody account.

I saw him online many times and I also saw some clips of him, and I thought to myself, “My God, these liberals are nuts …” and moved on.

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But it turns out he’s actually one of us… he’s just kidding the left, and that’s nice because he’s far above and it proves just how dishonest and unruly these nutbag liberals are.

People can’t say he’s a parody.


But Dinesh got him out … so the jig is sorted.

Dinesh posted a post on Dash’s recent row vs. Wade Runt, with the message: “Friends, I want to tell you a secret. Dash is by our side. “It’s all crazy. It’s a complete distortion of the left. It’s working. Great job, Dash! See you at CPAC this year.”

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Well, Dash doesn’t have to show the leftists “confused”, they’re doing a great job of it themselves, but it’s great that he’s helping to fuel that crazy train, because ordinary Americans are watching all this, and the radical left is really, really shutting down. .

It’s amazing to me how far Demra has gone.

This happens when you give Franz Radical a place on the table and tell them they can order whatever they want from the menu. Soon, they’ll take over everything, and they’ll call the shots, and that’s exactly what you’re seeing happening at the Dame party right now… and sadly, it’s also bleeding in regular life in America.

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Dames has let these mentally ill natjabs sit at the table, which doesn’t mean we have to.

Reject this madness. It is dangerous and will destroy this country.

Dames wants to turn the United States into “Portland,” where the Strange runs the show.

No, thanks.

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