This 25-second video by Joe Biden is “the strongest proof of Ukraine

I am also beginning to think of Joe Biden as the (fake) President of Ukraine.

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Maybe he is more than a fake president of Ukraine than a United States because he gave the country the first place that gifted him and his son with so much wealth and power.

Meanwhile, Americans are suffering.

Low-income and middle-class Americans are now struggling to make ends meet.

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Rising gas prices are making it harder for people to work, and inflation is making it harder for families to eat, not to mention the high cost of utilities and the angry shape of the housing market. Oh, and thanks to the stock market, everyone loses their leisure.

And if it’s not bad enough …

When Joe was asked if Americans would have to endure this soul-crushing high gas price and inflation, Biden stopped it and said it would take Ukraine as long as it would win the war against Russia.

A regional conflict that many people believe is not our business.

But Joe Jelensky keeps sending billions upon billions, and no matter how much he sends, it’s never enough. They always need more… and Joe doesn’t hesitate to send the next batch over.

He continues to pour more money just to help Ukraine, when we are in trouble.

This 25-second video is probably one of the most powerful examples of Joe’s “Ukraine First” agenda.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Joe Biden is not the American president, he is literally the president of Ukraine, and people are blind to see it !!”

“Do you now understand why all these politicians are rich? If you don’t, you’re not paying attention. “

“The money needed to solve all America’s problems has been wasted in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and NATO. The trillions of dollars that could go toward homelessness, health care, education, urban misery, infrastructure, poverty… everything has been drained. ”

“It hurts to hear billions sent to Ukraine at our daily press conferences, but we live here in a shit hole at home.”

“Is anyone else sick of this man destroying our country?”

“Democrats: America’s Last!”

“7 billion and counting”

“America first. Not a proxy war with Russia. What has ড 7 billion done for America? If you still support Democrats and this administration, you are America’s enemy.”

I think the most frustrating thing for those who oppose this billions of dollars is not asking Ukraine to sit at the table and work with Russia to end it.

Why not?

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Because if that doesn’t happen, Russia is a nuclear superpower and could possibly do so for a long time to come… and I think that’s exactly what the cosmopolitans want.

So, I guess we’ll fight this proxy war as long as the Democrats stay in office, and until it completely eliminates the American middle class …

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