They said just before the interim period. Doom is trotting

Just in time for the upcoming midterm, the left is pulling their favorite broker to bid them.

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In a recent interview, Fawcett again sounded the alarm over Covid, saying that we should all wear masks indoors (useless), even though “the United States and the United Kingdom are just tired and exhausted.”

That’s right, two years after this catastrophe started, Fawcett is going to kill this old, dead horse.

People need to be prepared for the mail-in ballot that Dames needs for 2022, right?

More news: This new Baron Trump picture is the very definition of “Ultra Maga”… you’ll love it!

Watch the video:

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Who is still buying this garbage?

Well, according to social media comments, not many people.

Here is what they are saying:

“Never worn, never will.”

“Mr. Scientist, you are wrong again and again. I will not believe your judgment on Kovid or any further infection. Never. “

“Why is he still talking?”

“Fausy, your credibility has been permanently suspended due to multiple or repeated breaches of our Terms of Service. This account will now be closed and replies will not be monitored. “

“Of course, since you have been vaccinated and promoted to a higher degree. See how well that works? You have covid … put on your dirty masks and jabs. I do none of this and never do. Never. Survive today is not promised tomorrow. “

“It’s not happening. I will continue, I will live my life the way I think is appropriate. You are not my responsibility.”

“No … the fear you are selling people are no longer buying. Sniffles and coughs are feared but blood clots and myocarditis are normal. Let’s talk about the new word SADS!

Really, why are people still interviewing this crazy old clown?

The only time Fawcett should be on TV is during his “purpose walk.”

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The leftists need to realize that the more they cheat, the more joke Biden makes to the admin.

At the moment, they need a circus music soundtrack to go with everything.

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