There’s really something wrong with a lot of teenage boys in America Today

In the last two weeks, two teenage boys have committed the most heinous and violent crime ever seen in our country.

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What’s going on

Is it a mental illness? Probably yes, but it’s probably more than that.

The parents of Peyton Gendron, a communist “left-wing authoritarian racist” who fired shots at a Buffalo supermarket, have blamed some of his problems for the Dames Covid atrocities. It was as if he had descended into a dark, ugly rabbit hole when he was forced to lock himself up and lose two years of his young life.

More news: See: The off-duty Border Patrol agent who killed the TX shooter came from the highly “elite” Tactical Special Forces unit

The teenage mass shooter who killed 19 innocent teenagers in Texas had a dark, frightening social inconsistency that spent most of his time playing violent video games and cutting his face to “have fun”.

Obviously, these aren’t normal kids, but are they an exception, or a serious growing problem with Generation Z teenage boys?

Tucker Carlson discusses that topic in this brilliant and must-see section.

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Sorry money. You’re making too much sense for people who want or want instant gratification on their agenda. Simplification in the form of gun control / confiscation is what they want… and what I won’t allow!”

“What you may not hear is how many of these attacks have largely failed because students are aware of the threats – mainly through social media and transmitting them. I study in a rural district and in the last 20 years maybe 5-6 warnings have come from kids. In the days ahead, you will hear local school officials or state school officials talk about what they are doing to protect students. It’s all nonsense. Your principal or superintendent is basically a teacher with a tie-on. What they know about safety and security from what they hear at the conference. Nothing. If you don’t actively search for almond cases in your community, you’re already eight balls behind. “

“Remove God and allow something.”

“For decades, the Marxist and Democratic parties, now one and the same, have convinced women that the Big Daddy government has been instrumental in destroying the nuclear family. They encouraged divorce, spread drugs, removed God from public squares, abolished punishment and discipline, and encouraged hedonism, laziness, greed, crime, and promiscuity. No one should be surprised at the society that it has become. Boys growing up without a father are going to have problems, periods. Mothers cannot provide the discipline needed to develop a child into a responsible adult. It will continue until it is corrected. “

When Dames wants to talk about gun bans, the rest of us are talking about this – trying to figure out the heart and root of the problem and what is happening, and what the common thread is, which unites these broken souls.

How do we fix this, so that desperate young people don’t want to give up their lives, and throw out as many people as possible in the process?

America needs to talk about this, not politicize another tragedy, as Dames always does.

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These kids need emotional support, and programs that can give them hope and purpose, or they will find a way to shoot or not, against innocent people.

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