There are many reasons to impeach Biden, but the latest money has been found

Did you know that when Americans are in trouble, just able to fill their gas tanks, Joe Biden is taking our precious reserves and sending them abroad?

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No, as tragic as it is, it’s 100 percent true, and people are terrified beyond belief.

Reuters reported that more than 5 million barrels of oil were exported to Europe and Asia last month as part of the release of historic U.S. emergency reserves to reduce domestic fuel prices, according to data and sources, even as US petrol and diesel prices reached record highs. .

The impact of US President Joe Biden’s record-breaking pump price cuts is undetectable and reducing fuel exports. Criticizing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Biden on Saturday renewed his call for gasoline suppliers to reduce their prices.

What is this stupid, old man thinking?

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I’ll tell you what he thinks …. “Great Reset” and “Green New Deal.”

And he is doing everything he can to bring our country to its knees so that he can implement the left’s climate agenda.

And when I say “Joe,” I mean to his handlers, because when Joe is the gray face of all this, he doesn’t really know what’s going on.

But, since we don’t know exactly who is calling all the shots (except Obama), Joe is the one who will step down for this catastrophic and treacherous move.

And it’s so bad that Tucker says that’s what they should be bidding on.

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You can watch the video below:

What are Republicans listening to?

Because when they take responsibility, we hope that Joe’s spread will have a serious impact on this communist green garbage.

Not useless, fake “Trey Gowdy” show trail.

We want the action and the head to keep spinning well as Congress is a brand new bowling alley.

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He has to go, even if we have to deal with Kamala for a few years, they must get Joe Biden out of office, for that false, incompetent deception.

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