The U.S. marshals were stationed at the home of Scottish judges

Think about it … Most of what happened at the Capitol on January 6th was not a crime since the huge crowd was invited by the police.

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The rest was a lot of “crime infiltration”.

None of this was a “rebellion.”

But what is happening at the home of conservative SCOTUS judges is a federal crime.

It is against the law to protest or intimidate judges to influence their judgment.


And while we have had to endure the January 6th incident and the suffocating coverage of the Political Witchcraft Committee, the Left and the media collectively turn a blind eye to what is happening at the Conservative Judges’ House … which is again a federal crime.

More news: [VIDEO] Chicago student journalist Jane Saki has been publicly blown away by a Big Ol ‘lie

In fact, Jane Sackie is actually “encouraging” liberal liberals to continue.


But, it got worse, thanks to Saki’s remarks and the “call for action”.

Now, U.S. marshals have just been deployed to the House of Commons over a credible death threat against six Republicans.

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Here’s what Dr. Gorky said: “Breaking: 6 Republican recruiters and their clerks have been placed under house arrest by SCOTUS judges because of credible death threats. Does this sound like “rebellion” to you?

Washington Examiners have reported that the U.S. Martial Services Administration is providing “approximately 24-hour security” at the homes of nine Supreme Court justices, according to the Justice Department.

Why do liberal judges need security? No one protests in front of their house, does it?

Attorney General Merrick Garland has called on high court judges to guard and protect homes in the wake of recent protests following the release of a draft opinion pointing to USMS as opposed to Rowe v. Wade, which would allow individual states to enact fetal laws. Efficiency

“At the behest of the Attorney General, the U.S. Martial Service, among other activities last week, has stepped up round-the-clock security at all judges’ homes,” the judiciary said in a press release.

Garland denies the recent “emergence of violence and the unlawful threat of violence” directed at government employees, saying they are “unacceptable and dangerous for our democracy.”

“I want to make it clear: in a democracy when people vote, argue and debate, we shouldn’t – we can’t allow violence or the illegal threat of violence to enter our national life. The judiciary will not tolerate violence or threats of violence against judges or other government employees at work, at home or elsewhere, “Garland added.

Here is what people are saying:

“Strange, ordinary voices who seem to be very concerned about this lately are terribly quiet about it.”

“Left ladies and gentlemen, death threats if you don’t get them!”

“It’s only a” rebellion “if the Washington Post calls it that.”

“But were they terrorists?”

“Yeah! Arrests them all, finally keeps DC stuck in Gulag for a few months, finally charges them for” pairing “.

“Most peaceful death threats”

Will Adam Kingsinger and Liz Cheney lead the charge against these violent rebels?

No, of course not. They don’t care about actual threats or violence unless it’s in line with their political “anti-Trump” narrative.

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It’s all political theater, and I can assure you that Americans are getting very sick and tired of this ridiculous and dangerous double standard.

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