The top U.S. pollster has identified only one and only thing that is pulling down Republicans

There are some really good, reliable and honest Polstars out there.

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One is Trafalgar. They are fantastic. The other is People’s Scholar, directed by the much-respected Polstar Richard Barris,

Richard will not sugarcoat at all. Even if it hurts your conservative feelings, he will tell you how good or bad it is.

But that’s what we want – we don’t want fake elections and smoke in our political assholes.

And he’s looking at the generic 2022 ballot – the ballot that sets the big “red wave” coming.

However, Barris notes that there is one thing that changes the dynamics and strengthens the middle class … and that is Ukraine.

When the GOP pushes Ukraine or starts placing the Ukrainian flag on their online profiles, all of a sudden, that generic ballot becomes much, much tougher.

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GOP voters and independents do not want their lawmakers to focus on Ukraine.

Richard Barris responded to the tweet: “You cannot decree bidenflation when writing a billion dollar check in a foreign country. You cannot say that you support national security without a plan to replace our weapons stockpiles when they are sent abroad. It’s an election year and congressional Republicans need to wake up. “

Here’s what he said: “Didn’t anyone else notice that the only and only common ballot was tightening when Republican lawmakers began cheering for Ukraine and putting flags on their Twitter handles?”

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What this means is very clear: support for Ukraine is a political poison.

Now, it goes without saying that conservatives do not care about injuring or displacing innocent people because of this bizarre “war.”

Whoever needs it should be given humanitarian aid, and a lot of amazing organizations in Europe are working on it and Americans can donate if they feel inspired.

However, there are many doubts surrounding this “war”. First, there is a lot of publicity on both sides, but so much publicity in Ukraine that you can’t tell what’s going on or down.

Also, many people believe that the Biden family has a lot of financial connections with Ukraine and is very skeptical about the huge amount of money flowing into that country, be it “blackmail” money or laundering.

Either way, there is no trust.

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Moreover, Americans are suffering a lot.

We have a shortage of children’s resources, rising gas prices, a wide border, frantic inflation, and a housing market that is going off the rails … we don’t have to send billions to Ukraine, we have to focus on what’s happening here.

The duration and end of the story.

And if Republican lawmakers don’t get the memo, and realize that the GOP is now the “America First” party, they will suffer the consequences at the ballot box.

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