The son of a Missouri Republican senator is working in a tank with the Soros-linked group

If you want to know how deep, disgusting and cloudy the wetland is, keep reading …

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I’m going to blow your mind and shed your blood on this naughty story from Michigan… and anyone who follows knows I’m in Michigan, so it really snows my fanny. I’m mad.

So, here’s the skinny one: a Republican senator by the name Roy BluntThe man, who hails from Missouri, has a son named Andy. And Andy is a “Republican operative” working closely with the “Soros-Linked” group to darken any hopes of Michigan’s “Voter ID” law … and the really bad news is that they’re going to win.

How dirty, dirty and dirty the so-called “Republican Party” really is.

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The Washington Free Beacon has shattered this bombshell story:

Over the past year, the Liberal Dark Money Group has spent $ 2.5 million to oppose the Republican-led petition drive to expand the voter ID requirements of the Sixteen Thirty Fund Michigan. About $ 400,000 of that money went to GroundGame Political Solutions, a shady consulting firm that is a trio of Republican operatives. Andy Blunt, son of Roy Blunt (R., Md.), Launched privately in May 2021, shows corporate filing.

The firm, which Blunt first registered in Delaware before expanding to 10 other states, worked as a secret subsidiary of Blunt’s public-facing canvassing company, HBS +. The setup allowed Blunt and his partners, fellow Republican operatives Greg Hartley and Megan Cox, to earn thousands of dollars from deep-pocket liberals without alienating their conservative clients.

The revelation shows how far liberal activists are willing to go to tank ongoing voter ID expansion efforts in the Great Lakes State. In at least one case, for example, the Sixteen Thirty Fund used its Republican allies in a ground game to pay canvassers several thousand dollars for not working on the issue.

The plot saw Groundgame reach a November agreement with a Michigan petition collector that paid him $ 50,000 for not working on an “election reform” issue. Cox personally signed the agreement, which the petitioner called a “plan to pay circulators for not getting involved in the voter ID initiative.” Just a day before the Cox deal was sealed, Groundgame received a 56,000 payment from an equally shady political action committee, the Protect MI vote, which bankrolled sixteen or thirty funds to fight voter ID in Michigan. According to Campaign Finance Disclosure, the payment went to Groundgame through an address registered with Jefferson City, Md., Blunt’s consulting firm, Hush Blackwell Strategies.

Blunt, Hartley and Cox did not return multiple requests for comment. All three have a professional relationship with Blunt’s father. Blunt led his father’s Senate campaign in both 2010 and 2016, when Hartley served as then-congressman Blunt’s chief of staff from 1997 to 2003. Cox, meanwhile, the Republican senator, has directed field efforts for his online bio State.

The three operatives came together to launch HBS + on May 6, 2021. The firm exists to “create ballot access strategies and conduct impact campaigns,” according to a press release announcing the move, which lists Cox as CEO.

Just 13 days after the launch, business records show that Blunt, Hartley, and Cox-registered Groundgame Political Solutions, LLC — an HBS + subsidiary that the three did not promote in Delaware. The operators used a corporate compliance company to do this, which allowed them to keep their names from filing and keep themselves away from groundgames.

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Now, if the Republican effort succeeds, Michigan voters will need to use ID and / or Social Security numbers to submit missing ballots.

The proposal would require about 340,000 signatures to approve and bypass the Whitmar veto.

But thanks to the “ground game” that probably won’t happen. Detroit News reports that candidates are now struggling to collect signatures due to a lack of canvassers, a problem that plagues ground game plans to pay petitioners. Not working Probably increased.

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This is what we’re up against. We are against “ourselves” … the people who are supposed to be by our side, they are actively and deliberately stabbing us in the back at every opportunity.

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