The Secret Service just dropped a new MOAB on January 6th

As you probably know by now, the Sham J6 committee called a “star witness” yesterday to testify under oath about President Trump and Jan. 6.

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His name is Cassidy Hutchinson, and he’s a low-level worker and coffee maker who apparently has trouble telling the real lie.

He told a ridiculous story about how President Trump was on “The Beast” Limo on Jan. 6 and was told he couldn’t go to the Capitol Building, he was so mad that he suffocated the Secret Service driver and commanded Limo. , The Capitol itself.

Good luck.

Yes, the real “professional adults” of the media and politics believed this story in his mouth.

Unreal, isn’t it?

According to the Secret Service driver and others directly involved, well, the whole story was hui.

More news: Greta van Susteren Cheney shares a gruesome moment captured on camera between Cheney and her “Star Witness”

So, the question for most people is why the committee did not examine their “star witness” on January 6.

Okay, a few moments ago, the Secret Service just dropped a BOMB on the J6 committee when they said they knew Ten days That Cassidy will testify, and not one of them Ten days Has anyone in the J6 committee contacted him?

What the heck.


I’ll tell you why … they knew the story wasn’t real … and they needed to be investigated by the GOP the moment they regained power.

Politico reporter Betsy Swann tweeted: “New: USSS Spod Anthony Guglielmi tells me that 10 days before Hutchinson’s hearing, the committee did not arrive on January 6 for further details about the Beast Ride. “

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And here’s Don Jr.’s answer: “So the J6 committee held an” emergency hearing “and ran with Hutchinson’s fable, without even trying to verify whether it was true. It’s almost as if these dishonest fraudsters are more interested in” getting Trump “than the truth!” !! “

Just so you know, what the J6 deception artists have done is directly outside the Marxist playbook, and thus all communist regimes use propaganda for their benefit.

This was never about the truth. It’s tempting, steamy and juicy to promote early in the day and get your media to spread it fast for a few hours and get everyone to talk about it, and then quietly debunk it later, when no one is paying attention.

This is the same thing they did with the “very good people” deception, and it worked well for them. Many still believe that Trump called the neo-Nazis “very good people” and, as a result, branded him “racist” and “Hitler.”

However, I think their luck is gone with this game.

The American people have been stigmatized by the failure and deception of all the media related to Trump and MAGA, so this effort here, using pathological-false “star witnesses” will come back to haunt them and make things worse for them.

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This is my prediction.

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