The right to abortion is in life support and more freedom will be lost

Donald Trump’s brutal, racist, authoritarian ideology has transformed the Supreme Court into a political, Christian-based judiciary that no longer protects individual liberty. If youA voter who supports the legal damage to freedom that you do not care about will come at a time when the freedom you think about will be taken away. The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn the laws enacted by the court as a pre-determined law is now the beginning of the loss of much of the freedom that the Constitution grants to the American people.

Will Alito vote to limit a person’s right to have a vasectomy?

The Republican Party has been hit hard by the prospect of winning a majority in the House and Senate in November. About 65% of the American people support women’s right to reproductive freedom. The right to abortion has been in law for 49 years, and yet the Supreme Court is signaling its intention to take away this constitutionally protected right because it is the right-wing, Trump judge. The court has lost credibility. It is now seen as a joke, a political hand of Donald Trump and evangelists. Their views will be largely resisted by Americans and will deter those who believe in individual freedom. Floodgates are now open to repeal same-sex marriage, the right to contraception, and other liberties that the Republican Party’s alt-right opposes. Democracy is slowly dying, while Republicans are gaslighting it to convince selectors that they are the guardians of democracy.

The Americans have never taken away their constitutional rights. Remember, it is the Republican Party that is starting the movement to remove an individual’s freedom from the Constitution While Democrats hold a majority in the Supreme Court, Republicans who love their guns can go to jail for carrying firearms. How does that sound, trumpers?

Republicans are committed to limiting the rights of women, blacks, blacks, the LGBTQ community, and any non-Christian Americans. The big Republicans lie that they favor small governments. The current GOP at both the federal and state levels is constitutionally censored by the non-conservative press, the content of educational materials in schools, and the right to protest peacefully in favor of attacking peaceful protesters who are protected by the Constitution. It is not democracy.
The The founding fathers saw the importance of the separation of church and state in a democracy. If the people in power make laws based on the Bible, then the basic tenants of the constitution will be kept to a minimum. America is a country founded on immigration, equality and diversity for all. The laws written in the constitution were not based on Christianity. They were What is the definition of democracy based on?

Democrats of all religions, ages, races, genders and sexual orientations must start a strong resistance against racist, anti-social, alt-right attacks on the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. President Biden must base all of his responses on the court’s plan to overturn Rowe v. Wade on the law, the humanitarian key, and the power available to a president to defend a set law that determines whether a woman should have an abortion or miscarriage. Protects rights. No. Cruelty is baked into extreme Christian orthodoxy. Religion has become inhumane and embarrassing at the core of Christian teaching. Pregnancy as a result of rape or incest will not be an exception. The cruelty and hypocrisy of evangelical and other MAGA Christians grows like cancer. Americans will not comply with the legal atrocities of this Supreme Court if it is passed, so the judges are becoming lifelong lame ducks.

Another authoritarian Republican whom Americans know is a sociopathic, misogynistic racist. His days in power are limited. Mickey Mouse will take him down.

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