The reason Dinesh finds a “conflict” is why Fox won’t cover “2000 Mules”

It’s curious how Fox News won’t even talk about the major hit movie “2000 Mules”.

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Especially when most of your viewers agree that the 2020 election was rigged… in fact, according to the poll, most Americans agree, so it’s not a “fringe” or “conspiracy” belief that 2020 is rigged.

Even so, Fox News will not report on this movie … why?

Well, the person who made the picture, Dinesh D’Souza, thinks that’s why he finally found out, and it’s something we haven’t heard of yet and it makes a lot of sense.

The Western Journal reports that D’Souza cites three possible reasons for Fox’s behavior.

First, network executives have legal concerns.

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Dominion Voting Systems is currently filing a defamation suit against Fox Corporation, alleging that the network falsely claimed that the company’s voting machine was used for rigging the 2020 election.

D’Souza dismissed it as a possible reason for Fox’s “2000 mule” blackout, saying the movie did not deal with the voting machine, but with the legitimacy of the ballot cast.

The film does not name any of the nonprofit organizations involved in the alleged scheme, but instead urges law enforcement agencies to take TrueTvote data and investigate the matter.

D’Souza then suggested to advertisers the fear of offending or losing Fox as another possible reason to cover “2000 mules”.

But he does not believe that this is the reason, noting that the success of the documentary makes it newsworthy and that other outlets have covered it. Of course, the catch-22 for Fox would be that it risks alienating its viewers if it critically covers the film like other outlets.

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D’Souza concludes that the possible reason for Fox not covering “2000 mules” is that Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch no longer supports former President Donald Trump.

“What you have here is a seemingly hostile, personal conflict. Call it the Billionaire Spot, if you will. One that, however, has been reported off-the-shelf in a few places, “said D’Souza.

He noted that some outlets had reported that Murdoch had expressed displeasure with Trump, arguing that the 45th president should move ahead with the 2020 election.

“Look, this is Mr Murdoch’s network. This is Mr. Murdoch’s newspaper. He can do whatever he wants, “said D’Souza.

“He can burn his brand if he wants to, but I think it’s very unhealthy in a democracy that issues of urgent public concern, which must be on the minds of voters’ GOPs and probably more than that, cannot be discussed in any way because one person has declared.” That they can’t. “

Okay, that means … but I think it’s deeper than that.

I think Rupert and Fox were probably in it.

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Neither GOP nor Dames could have stopped if Fox News hadn’t been willing to look the other way… and I’m sure President Trump understands that, and that’s the reason for the “crack.”

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