The real reason here is that Tim Allen was not the voice of “Buzz” in the new “Light Year”

Well, Disney made another big mistake. They cannot stop trying to educate the children of our country. They are hell-bent on pushing the “gay agenda” in all their films, including the new “Light Year.”

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Light Year is the story of Toy Story’s “Buzz Light Year”, played by Tim Allen.

But to everyone’s surprise, Tim Allen wasn’t part of the new Lightweight movie, and everyone wants to know why …

The Daily Wire reports that in 1995 the Disney / Pixar TV star and stand-up comedian was chosen as the voice of a toy named Buzz Lightair, who found himself in a lifelong adventure with the toy cowboy Woody in the voice of Tom Hanks. For those who missed it, the two find a friendship and bond when they work together to return to their baby, a small child named Andy. The two will play the role three more times, most recently in 2019, when a fourth film from the “Toy Story” franchise, “Toy Story 4”, was released.

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So, when Pixar announced in 2020 that an original movie about the man behind the famous toy would hit theaters, fans of the character naturally assumed that the “Last Man Standing” star, who was openly right-wing, would be the voice.

Later, Marvel star Chris Evans shared his reaction to the selection of LightYear for voice in the new animated Pixar film.

“I have no words.” The awakened actor tweeted at the time. “And just to be clear, it’s not a Buzz Lightyear toy. This is the original story of the human lightning light year on which the toy was based. “

“After spending many years trying to get home, Maroon is confronted by an army of ruthless robots, led by Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear Jurg, who are trying to steal the source of his fuel,” said an IMDb statement about the children’s film.

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Leaked tapes from executive producers at Disney about his “top-secret gay” agenda, with many speculating that politics and vigilance were behind Allen’s role.

There was no immediate word from Disney on the change. However, the film’s director and producer pushed back criticism and shared that they wanted an actor whose “gravitas” was to play a “serious” character for this spaceflight in an animated film for children, Yahoo noted.

“People were having a hard time getting their heads around it,” said producer Galen Susman, according to RAP. “So we really needed the toy to be our own thing in the ‘Toy Story’ universe. Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear the Toy. Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear, the movie’s superhero who inspired the toy.”

We all know that the reason they don’t pick the team is because of the walk / gay theme … the team will not be rewarded for its conservative values.


The good news is that the movie is a huge flop.

Lightair entered theaters this weekend, and the result can only be described as a complete disaster.

Pixar’s Toy Story Universe’s spinoff film fell short of its box office debuts, grossing $ 51 million at the domestic box office from 4,255 North American theaters and just $ 84 million at the worldwide box office.

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womp, womp.

Please stop trying to educate our kids, Disney. Just make fun movies, not ones that are trying to make everyone gay.

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