The public hearing of the January 6 committee begins on June 9 There is hope

He fought legally for concealing physical evidence from Congress and the public throughout his presidency. He forced his allies to ignore the Congress subpona. However, despite these efforts, which indicate a crime of injustice, democracy is closing in on Trump. The court on Jan. 6 allowed the committee access to the records that led Trump to lie like a mob boss trying to avoid jail. Innocent people do not lie, or evade testimony, or threaten people to be quiet, or blame others for the crimes they have committed. Innocent people are transparent because they can prove their innocence with honesty and proof. As tragic as it is that Americans have chosen an incompetent con artist like Donald Trump, it is even more astonishing to know that there are many Americans who are ignorant and ignorant of what democracy means.

Throughout his career, Trump has used the court system to delay accountability for various law-breaking behaviors. He never behaved like an innocent person. If his voters see his behavior played by a character in an episode of law and order, they will shout “he’s guilty” on their television. Rural America, the greedy rich, the uneducated and reality TV lovers are caught up in Trump’s misrepresentation of how to save America and it is his authoritarian, anti-minority, anti-rule of law ideology that will save America. However, most Americans who expect honesty and competence from a president have always looked through his fake masculinity and his wealth which started with a trust fund that he squandered and realized that his return to wealth was through serial bankruptcy, tax evasion and embezzlement. Has been achieved. Contractors, Trump University students, charities and campaign funds shut down.

Believe it or not, his addicted followers will believe the evidence. The 6th Committee is ready to release information that makes Nixon look like a chair boy compared to Donald Trump. Along with Trump, dozens of his government allies supported his efforts to stop the democratic peaceful transfer of power by the outgoing president.

A representative. Kevin McCarthy One of the most involved in the “big lies” and the corrupt scandal of claiming Trump as a worthy leader of the free world. A few days after the uprising, McCarthy said, “the president bears some responsibility for the attack on the Capitol.” He called on the President to take responsibility publicly. McCarthy’s recent tape recordings with Liz Cheney reveal that he planned to ask Trump to resign over his role in the Capitol attack. “Who knows what Trump used to get him back into the GOP’s corrupt circle Trump may have learned the art of collecting. “Compromise with people like his friend Putin. McCarthy, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Mark Meadows and others may have skeletons in their closets that Trump dug up his thugs.”

Marjorie Taylor Green This is a heated mess, and an embarrassment for Congress During his first term in the House, he was removed from his committee for threatening other members, being fined for carrying a gun to the Capitol, promoting conspiracy theories and denying the election. Fame. Paul GosserKnown to his siblings as Waco, who believed in Q’Anon ideology and gave a dog-whistle to assassinate AOC and President Biden in a cartoon posted online. You know. The 6th Committee will include all information and witnesses involving members of Congress in our government’s illegal occupation of the Capitol.

Donald Trump has committed federal crimes that he has publicly heard and seen on video and audiotape. The committee may have more to say to the public on January 6 when the hearing begins. Legal constitutional scholars agree that the judiciary has enough evidence to accuse Trump and others of obstructing justice, spreading dangerous confusion, trying to install fake electors to steal election votes from Joe Biden, and finding the Secretary of State in Georgia. Give him one more vote than Biden so he can win in Georgia. Trump’s infamous statement was, “Then look. That’s what I want to do. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than our vote. Because we have won the state. ”

He spoke like a dictator. He thinks that if he does not like how democracy is run, he can change it. That stupid, delusional, authoritarian, or all of the above? The solution: to avoid being defeated, accuse the winners of rigging the election. If he had evidence of altered vote count, Fox News would have plastered it in a 24/7 loop. He lied, stole, cheated and projected his injustice on others to reduce his shame about losing. The real “big lie” is that Trump is a masculine strong man. He is an insecure, weak, fearful person who sees him as strong enough to fool people using his sheer circumference, height and height. He is fragile from the lens of a mental health professional.

If Trump had not succeeded in stopping a huge cult movement that has overtaken the Republican Party and its electorate, he could have been in jail for so long. Top legal pundits suggest that Attorney General Garland Trump and his conspirators will be neglected in their duties unless they are indicted. If the January 6 committee uses the right level of emotion and apprehension with the truth, the public hearing will not be able to offer any alternative but to convict AG Garland.

In the US we stumble and split stand. Vote for dividers.

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