The popularity of the “J6 hearing” is sinking faster than Joe Biden’s poll

You’ll find it hard to find anything more unpopular than Joe Biden… but I think we’ve found one thing.

The hearing is scheduled for January 7.

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Those hearings are actually sinking faster than Joe Biden’s approval, which is rather impressive… I mean, you have to be a really spectacular flop to get it done.

So, congratulations to Pelosi, Cheney, Schiff and Kinzinger for being this disgusting and unpopular.

You did it, guys!

And why wouldn’t Americans reject this nonsense?

First, the middle class is fighting now.

Inflation is at a 41-year high, and the average price of a gallon of gas is $ 5.00 … historically high and alarming.

Many parents still can’t find the baby formula, many grocery stores have empty shelves, and millions of Americans are wondering how they will make it week after week… and instead of tirelessly focusing on those major issues, Elitest Dams and Rhino are as expensive as January 6th. And with time-consuming political stunts President Trump is still trying to destroy.

And ironically, Trump is the only person who has actually cursed the forgotten working men and women of this country.

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And seriously, everyone is getting really sick and tired of these political stunts.

Here’s a tweet from podcaster Tyler Z, who said what the rest of us are thinking and feeling (warns F-Boma):

Fix the price of lost gas. No one cares about this shit anymore, we have a real problem now. “

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The tweet Tyler was commenting on was a New York Post article on how ratings – which were already bad for “prime-time” hearings – got worse.

They range from 20 million to 10 million in prime-time, with all major networks broadcasting them, essentially forcing Americans to watch.

President Trump gets more YouTube and Rumble views at his rally.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Tyler, I’m with you. I’m frustrated and mad that they are not listening to the American people. We don’t care about this nonsense. It happened more than a year ago and it’s just a moment that went out of hand. Eng Agreement ”

“I’m not a fan of Trump, okay, but this January 6th left is a lot more obsessive.”

“Tyler, I’m so crazy about this. I can’t rent, eat and drive at the same time, but I have to take care of some boomers walking around the cap looking at portraits on the wall like 2 years ago ??? GTFOH”

“You’re kidding me, have you heard a second time?”

“There was a joke about someone performing a halftime show at the hearing to try to increase their ratings. We all laughed, but sh * t did that nonsense. “Meanwhile, I paid about 200 to fill my truck.”

They’re trying so hard to make these hearings a “thing”, but it’s not getting caught.

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I don’t care what anyone says – a year and a half ago Chuck Schumer “vandalized” his fax machine, which is not on anyone’s “priority” list.

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